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Snipping Tools for iPad | Snipping Tools iPad is an amazing Snipping app. Snipping Tools iOS is a quite simple application, which lets the user take screenshots of any user-defined area of the screen. In the market, there is more similar application is available in that most of the apps designed with plenty of customization settings, but while comparing with other application Snippy is the most basic one. The lightweight tool of the application placed on the icon System Tray, with that the app allows you to instantly capture some of the specific areas at the time of each click. In addition to the application all the user need to know that the app cannot be able to save the captured screenshots as a separate image file on your iPad, then the app will copy it to the Clipboard and the app that allows you to paste it into the graphics editor that used on your iPad. Then the Snipping Tools for iPad application that offers a pack of configuration options, these options are not fancy, and it is not so difficult for the amateur users. For instance, the application that lets the user set the stroke width, stroke colour, and hotkey which you are using to take screenshots. The final option of the app, here you can easily copy the captured area as an HTML form with that here you can define the behaviours of “Shift+drag” combination, and it can enable you to capture all the rectangular area of the screen or in one freehand.

Download Snipping Tools for iPad
Download Snipping Tools for iPad

The Snipping Tools application designed like running in all the time, and the application can able to work flaw on all Windows workstation, and it will not slow down your system, which is suitable for both newer and older iPads. Overall the application is capture tool, and there is nothing to say more, and the small defect of the app is it cannot save the captured area in separate image files. So download Snipping Tools on your iPad and experience the features.

Specifications of Snipping Tools for iPad

Application Name: Snipping Tools
Developer: Tencent Technology
Version: 2.0
Categories: Productivity
Languages: English, Simplified Chinese
File size: 2.5 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Features of Snipping Tools

The salient features of Snipping Tools iPad are listed below.

Capture Anything: The Snipping Tools application that allows you take screenshots of your entire screen, an active window of your iPad and scrolling window with that you can take a screenshot of any specific region of your desktop.

Edit Images: Here with the help of the app you can customise your images by Annotate and highlight the important part of your image such as highlighting the text, indicating with an arrow, mark with shapes and much more with that it has built-in image editor which developed with latest Ribbon style menu.

Enhanced Effects: The latest version of the application designed for enhanced effects. Here you can add effects to your images such as drop shadows, watermarks, frames, motion blur, watermarks, mosaic, brightness control and much more.

Sharing: The Snipping Tools application allows you to share all the captured images. Here you can save, share with that you can send it through Web, DropBox, email, FTP, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Facebook, Evernote, Twitter and much more. You can enjoy sharing it with your friends.

Graphical Tools: The app designed with a variety of graphical design accessories, which includes Colour palette, Colour Picker, Protractor, Pixel ruler, Magnifier, Crosshair, Whiteboard.

Customizing: The Snipping Tools iPad app developed with highly advanced setting tools, and you can also customise the tools such as File naming, hotkeys, image quality and much more. And you can customise all other options that can fit your image.

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Download Snipping Tools for iPad

Snipping Tools iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here to Download Snipping Tools App for iPad

Techniques to Download Snipping Tools on your iPad

First Technique: The first technique to download Snipping Tools iOS on your iPad device by just clicking the above given ” Download Link “ where you can get the app as soon as possible on your device.

Download Snipping Tools for iPad
Download Snipping Tools for iPad

Second Technique: The Second technique to download the Snipping Tools iOS on your iPad by just clicking the Apple App Store link. In the App Store, you can see a search box located in the top of the screen in that you have to enter the app name and make a click on the screen. The search result of the app will get appear on the screen in that select the app and make click again, the label of the app get converted to Download. To get the app you have to enter your iTunes Account and Password and click the OK button to start the download.

Download Snipping Tools for iPad
Download Snipping Tools for iPad

Third Technique: The Third technique to download Snipping Tools for iOS on your iPad and this method applicable to all Apple Devices. In this method, you will get the app from the home site of the application. In the home site of the app, has many special options in that you have to select the Download button for getting the app on your iPad device. Before tapping the download link select your device. Once you click the download button it will get download and installed automatically on your device.

Download Snipping Tools for iPad
Download Snipping Tools for iPad

Screenshots of Snipping Tools

Download Snipping Tools for iPad
Download Snipping Tools for iPad
Download Snipping Tools for iPad
Download Snipping Tools for iPad
Download Snipping Tools for iPad
Download Snipping Tools for iPad

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