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ZBrush for iPad Free Download: ZBrush for iPad | ZBrush iPad is the best of all digital sculpting and painting apps for artists to work on the go. With the ZBrush iPad app, sculpting digital images is made simple and easy. It is a digital sculpting app for artist who wants to sculpt from anywhere. You can sculpt from being from your room, workplace, while in travel, and more right on the iPad with the ZBrush app installed in it. It is the most advanced 3D sculpting and texturing application tool available for the iOS platform. The art of digital sculpting has been taken to the next higher level with this handy application named ZBrush iPad app. It features an intuitive multitouch interface and several deformation brushes. You can sketch out your ideas from anywhere with the ZBrush app as it has included the ability to import or export OBJ files and many other awesome features. You can sculpt as you have never seen before right on your iPad as it has concept sculpting, multi-resolution sculpting, masking, subdivision rebuilding, topological symmetry scanning, and Sculpt layers. You can paint several texture channels per mesh. Use multiple layers for each channel as with the Desktop-class brush system of the ZBrush iPad app.

Download ZBrush for iPad

ZBrush iPad app’s engine has been redesigned from scratch to provide you with a linear workflow right under your fingertips. You can see your creativity under different lighting conditions by loading your favorite IBLs in the ZBrush app with its new Standard material. Multiply the number of faces by four by increasing the number of faces by four while keeping the previous work as another sub-level. So you can step back and forth to make changes or work on details. With partial mesh visibility, you can hide the parts of the model you are working on to focus on your sculpture and hard to reach areas. Quickly choose brushes from standard, clay, flatten, move, pinch, inflate, smooth, crease, scrape, layer and mask. ZBrush iPad download will always give you the right brush for the right task for much better functionality. With masks, you can easily control the areas your brushes can affect, and this will make your sculpting easier than more delicate areas easier. You can easily save your scenes to the internal scene format or make use of the popular OBJ file format to import or export new models or base meshes.

ZBrush for iPad – Specifications

Application Name: ZBrush
Developer: Javier Edo
Version: 1.6.12
Categories: Entertainment
Languages: English
File size:  18.2 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later

Features of ZBrush for iPad

The salient features of ZBrush iPad are listed below

Digital Sculpting & Painting App: ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting application that lets the works the best for the artists to sculpt their creativity from anywhere at any time right on their iPad.

Best Sculpting Tools: With the ZBrush app, you will experience the best sculpting on the handy iPad as with the concept sculpting, multi-resolution sculpting, subdivision rebuilding, and more.

Brushes for Every Need: There are many brushes to choose from standard, clay, and flatten to move, smooth, inflate, crease, scrape, and mask. There is a brush for every need of yours, and thus you can do things much better.

Multi-Resolution Support: You can easily increase the resolution of the model by multiplying the number of faces by four. You can still keep the old version aside to work on the new one and keep your changes in detail.

Partial Mesh Visibility: In the ZBrush iPad app, you can take advantage of hiding the specific parts of your model in a way to focus on your sculpture. Thus you can get into the hard to reach areas on the go with ease.

Work on Delicate Areas: With the masks option of the ZBrush app, you can take advantage of your brushes by controlling them to make it not affect important parts. With masking, you can work on delicate areas easier.

Sculpt Layers: You can work in a non-destructive manner in the ZBrush iPad download by creating the layers per sub-level. With this, you will be getting quick brushes and can easily adjust their intensities for different results.

Advanced Stylus Support: ZBrush iPad app supports advanced stylus of different kinds, and thus you will get a different effect on the mesh when using different pressure.

Texture Painting: With the in-app purchase, you will be getting texture painting capabilities. You can create several texture channels and can use multiple layers for each channel as ZBrush has a Desktop-class brush system.

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Download ZBrush for iPad

ZBrush app iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 11.0 and later.

Click here to Download ZBrush App for iPad.

Screenshots of ZBrush for iPad

Download ZBrush for iPad
Download ZBrush for iPad
Download ZBrush for iPad
Download ZBrush for iPad

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