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Crestron App for iPad | Crestron App iPad is a lifestyle app for iPad. With Crestron App iPad you can control your entertainment and home systems right from your iPad. Crestron App offers several features to integrate all systems within your home, so they can work together to make your life more convenient. With the single touch of one button, users can turn off every light on their home, adjust the temperature, set the alarm, share music throughout the house and much more. With Crestron App on iPad, you can integrate TV, lighting, door locks, security, cooling systems, heating, shades and much more. You can control all these functions right from your iPad with the Crestron app. The Crestron App for iOS communicates through the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G to keep you connected when you are at home, office or anywhere in the world. The application communicates directly with a Crestron home control system executed by the authorised dealer. The Crestron App turns your iPad into an ultimate Crestron touch screen which enables you to control your entertainment and home systems with ease. The advanced smart graphics make it easy to deliver the best user experience with customisable gesture-driven controls. The additional features of the Crestron app include seeing video from IP-based security cameras, communicating with other Crestron touch screens using seamless integration with the third-party apps.

Download Crestron App for iPad
Download Crestron App for iPad

When comes to home and home life, peoples always wants the best, secure and worry-free one. That’s what a real home automation solution should be, and that’s what you get with Crestron for iPad. With this application, you can control everything in your home, room-by-room by using the ultra-cool touch screens and remotes at any time and anywhere right from your iPad device. Hence download Crestron App on your iPad to control your home and entertainment systems directly from your iPad at home, workplace or at anywhere.

Specifications of Crestron App for iPad

The key specifications for Crestron App iOS are listed below

Application Name: Crestron
Developer: Blackboard Inc
Version: 1.05.40
Categories: Lifestyle
Languages: English, Dutch, Czech, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
File size: 111 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1 or later.

Features of Crestron App for iPad

The top features of Crestron App iPad are listed below

  • Crestron App for iPad helps you to controls your home and entertainment systems right on your iPad. The Crestron application is compatible with Wi-Fi and mobile data networks.
  • Crestron App provides you with the customizable user interface which makes you work with ease.
  • With Crestron App on iPad, you can control media, lights, security, climate and much more home systems.
  • The App affords the control of full home systems with real-time status feedback and metadata.
  • The Crestron app for iPad supports Crestron Smart Graphics and Rava SIP intercom. It helps you to see video from IP-based security cameras and encoders.
  • Crestron App also can control multiple Crestron systems from one device.
  • There is no requirement for the individual server or 3rd party service, and it utilises SSL secured communication only.
  • Create one UI and run it on various Crestron touch screens, Apple devices, and Android devices without any modification.
  • The demo mode of Crestron Aoo enables the simulated operation without connecting to the Crestron control system.

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Download Crestron App for iPad

Crestron App iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 6.1 and later.

Click here to Download Crestron for iPad

Screenshots of Crestron App for iPad

Download Crestron App for iPad
Download Crestron App for iPad
Download Crestron App for iPad
Download Crestron App for iPad
Download Crestron App for iPad
Download Crestron App for iPad
Download Crestron App for iPad
Download Crestron App for iPad
Download Crestron App for iPad
Download Crestron App for iPad

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