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GPS for iPad is one of the best GPS application, which helps you a lot in navigating around the planet. Download GPS for iPad Free. GPS iPad is used by millions of people around the world. GPS iOS has the incredible accuracy in finding the correct position in no time. GPS for iOS provides you with the direction based data, with the help of the compass built in with the iPad. The GPS app will guide you through the directions without any lags. You have to set the location or destination you want to arrive. Once the target is set the application will provide you with the Navigation data with high accuracy. The Compass interface in the GPS application has better integration with the compass in the iPad, So you can see the real-time changes in the direction as you rotate your iPad. The compass in the GPS will show you the direction and the route on the map to your target location. It will make your travel easier than ever. You don’t have to ask for the routes as the GPS will provide you with the excellent routing options. The GPS app interface is made very easy, which is very simple to use by the user. You can get the directions through the compass to wherever you want to go. The app interface gives you with the very accurate location, and it calibrates the GPS sensor within the iPad to make sure the location it finds is precise. It shows the correct route on the map to the destination place mentioned by you from your current position.

Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad

GPS for iOS has plenty of options for the navigation, in which you can also get the accurate distance. The app interface provides you with the precise distance from the current location to your destination So that you can quickly calculate the travel time without any hassle. You can even get the speed of the driving through the compass page in the application. The GPS for iPad is the highly recommended app for one who wants to get the precise location details for any of the places.

Specifications of GPS for iPad

Application Name: GPS
Developer:  virtualmaze
Version: 6.3.9
Categories: Navigation
Languages:  English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Tamil, Thai, Vietnamese
File size: 39.8 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 and later.

Features of GPS for iPad

The salient features of GPS iPad are listed below

Usability: GPS for iPad is very simple and easy to the application, which provides you with the location information inaccurate. Anyone can use the app without any familiarity, once you use the app you get quickly familiar with it.

Navigations: Get the accurate direction using the Compass, to where you want to go.

Accuracy: The application provides you with the high efficiency. Irit takes the compass data from the builtin compass with the iPad.

Distances: The interface of the application provides you with the exact distance between the source and the destination. The results provided by the GPS are based on the satellite imagery.

Driving Speed: The another cool feature of the GPS allows you to find the Driving speed much easier than ever. This without hassle.

Modes: The interface of the application provides you with the dedicated day and night modes, in which you can access the game based on your preferences.

Save Locations: The GPS provides you with an option, in which you can save the location of your favourite and do the trip tracking,  and more features.

Travel Modes: In GPS app you can have different travel modes, which provides you with various settings to enhance the route finding.

Related applications for GPS for iPad

This Post is about GPS for iOS Download, the related applications of GPS are listed below

Waze for iPad is a navigation application like Google Mapping, which is developed by the Waze.

Google Maps for iPad is a mapping iPad app developed by Google for the iOS and Android devices

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Google Earth for iPad allows you to explore and navigate the global from the comfort of your iPad device.

Download GPS for iPad

GPS for iPad is compatible with the iOS versions of 8.0 and later.

Click here to Download GPS App for iPad

What’s New in GPS for iPad Version 6.3.9

  • Unnecessary server calls are removed.
  • Battery usage is improved.

Techniques to Download GPS on iPad

First Technique: It is the best method to download the GPS for iPad on your device. You can get the app by just tapping on the above given ” Download Link “, and it will be a much easy way to download. With this method, you can download GPS on your iPad device. GPS for iPad is an excellent Navigation application, which runs based on the GPS. The GPS App Provides you with the incredible accuracy in which you can quickly get the exact distances to your target location.

Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad

Second Technique: In this method, you will get the GPS for iOS right on your iPad. To download the app, you need to open the App Store. Now you should go to the search bar and type in as GPS and tap to search for the app. You can see the search results showing GPS and other related apps. Tap on the app and tap again on the Download button on your iPad screen. Now you can download the app by entering your iTunes account login id and the password and tap on the OK button. The GPS will be downloaded and automatically installed on your iPad.

Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad

Third Technique: In this method, you will get GPS for iOS with ease. Just visit the official website of GPS. There you will have an option to download GPS for iPad. Just tap on the download button to download GPS on your iPad. Just download the app and have more precise navigation to wherever the location you want. You can also get the driving speed of the vehicle you are travelling, which helps you a lot to calculate the time duration required for travelling.

Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad

Screenshots of GPS for iPad

Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad
Download GPS for iPad

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