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UltraSurf is one of the best and the world’s most trusted security and privacy VPN tools for iPad. With the UltraSurf app, you can browse securely without any third-person monitoring your web access. It is an ultra-fast, no-log network that will encrypt your data from hackers and snoops who are always waiting to steal all your delicate as well as private information. Here, you are safe and secure from hackers as it adds anonymity and security between you and anyone who looks for your personal information. With one click of IP masking, you can switch your location whenever you want and surf the internet anonymously without being tracked by hiding your IP address.

With bank-grade encryption technology, the UltraSurf app ensures that your information is protected to the highest possible extent. With more than 1000 servers available in more than 20 different countries, this app will provide you with the fastest possible connection. UltraSurf will even restrict internet service providers from monitoring your web access. Get rid of past regional blocks, as you can easily bypass the government or provider restrictions with this VPN tool.

Download UltraSurf for iPad

UltraSurf is one of the highest-rated VPN apps available with which you can access those websites and apps that are blocked. You can easily and intuitively connect to a region and access the whole of the web just like a local without any restrictions. It is quite easy to stop those creepy advertisers from following you around the web with the help of the UltraSurf iPad app’s ad-tracker blocker algorithm. It will intercept the cookies that the advertisers use to follow you online and lets you stay away from them in an intuitive way.

Usually, torrenting will expose your IP address and location by compromising your security. But with the UltraSurf iPad app, the torrent protection will hide your information and protects your ultra-fast downloading speeds in a much more efficient way.


Application Name: UltraSurf
Developer: SurfEasy Inc
Version: 4.6.8
Categories: Productivity
Languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
File size: 58 MB
Compatibility: Requires iPad OS 9.0 or later.

Features of UltraSurf iPad

Surf Anonymously: You can surf the web anonymously without providing your personal details, as UltraSurf will hide your IP address. Browse anonymously without being tracked, as it prevents others from knowing what you do online.

No-Log VPN: It is a no-log VPN network that will encrypt your data, and thus you can browse the web securely, even on public WiFi, without any loss of speed and without letting others track what you are doing.

Access Blocked Contents: With more than 1000 servers present in 28 different countries, you will never be restricted from accessing the blocked contents and websites as with this VPN tool. You can access the web like a local.

Bank-Grade Encryption: UltraSurf VPN tool has included AES-256 bank-grade security that ensures your information is safe and protected by the highest-quality technology.

Ad Tracker Blocker: The tracker blocking algorithm of the UltraSurf iPad app will block the tracking cookies used by the advertisers to follow you online and thereby give you a private and peaceful browsing experience.

Torrent Protection: The Torrent Protection feature of the UltraSurf VPN app will intuitively hide your information but protects your ultra-fast downloading speeds. Thus you can torrent securely with peace of mind.

WiFi Hotspot Protection: It is now easy and simple to protect your privacy and personal data whenever you are connected to public WiFi hotspots, as with the UltraSurf VPN.

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Download UltraSurf for iPad

UltraSurf app iPad is compatible with iPadOS version 9.0 and later.

Click here to Download UltraSurf App for iPad.

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Download UltraSurf for iPad
Download UltraSurf for iPad
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UltraSurf is a trusted VPN application tool that protects your private details while accessing the internet. You no more have to bother about unprotected WiFi networks again, as the UltraSurf app will automatically protect you as soon as you get connected to an unprotected or open network with the WiFi Security feature. With this, your privacy and personal data are protected when connected to public WiFi hotspots with this VPN tool.

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