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Reddit for iPad is a reading app which discovers all the top trending topics. Download Reddit for iPad Free. In Reddit iPad hot memes, breaking news and viral videos. The freshest content on the internet brought to you very quickly with this app. Reddit iOS has the data to infinite scroll, and It also Plays the GIF animations automatically without human interaction. The interface of the application made to load pages in a fast manner. The contents of the application are categorised into various types including news, jokes etc. The Reddit for iOS has one real advantage over other social networks, with reddit you can be yourself with your profile and personalisation are disconnected from the real world, so no one is going to know that your activities over the internet. You can also find exciting content through this app without getting bored. By searching the contents that grab you most, you can get rid of monotonous contents over the internet, so you never get bored again while using this app. You can find plenty of materials from thousands of communities. This app enables you to share your thoughts by upvoting and to downvote the contents. The new interface lets you know all the latest news, memes and viral contents dynamically.

Download Reddit for iPad
Download Reddit for iPad

The Reddit for iOS UI delivers the most joyful content to your iPad’s high-resolution retina display. It makes the photos and videos more enjoyable and creates a more pleasing experience while viewing those contents on your iPad. With this app, you never need to spend your precious time searching for top trending contents as it will be available in the palm of your hand with a single tap. The contents of the reddit are infinity, you can access tons and tons of contents by its infinitive scrolling.

Specifications of Reddit for iPad

Application Name: Reddit
DeveloperREDDIT, INC.
Version: 4.0.2
Categories: News & Magazines
Languages:  English
File size: 39.8 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 and later.

Features of Reddit

The salient features of Reddit iPad are listed below

Speed: The Reddit allows you to get the top trending news, videos and memes in real-time. You no need to wait for a long time or get outdated. You can easily access the latest contents with a few swipes and taps. The updated interface makes you get the stories even faster.

Infinite Scroll: Reddit for iPad lets you view the stories without a limit. The endless scrolling bar enables you to access the contents to an infinite level. You can spend your time on reddit without getting bored as it shows the whole new contents dynamically.

Search: You can get rid of monotonous contents by a search option. This option allows you to search for content that interest you most.

GIF Play: This app supports GIF animations. You no need to look for it and download, because it automatically downloads those files as you scroll. You can view those files without spending a minute.

Enormous level of contents: The contents provided by the Reddit are enormous. you can enjoy its plenty of new stories, jokes, memes and viral videos too.

Privacy: The profile personalisation is disconnected from the public, so you can enjoy using the app in every aspect. There is no need to be scared anymore.

Sharing: You can share the articles, images, videos, memes and also your own stories and thoughts over hundreds of communities.

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Download Reddit for iPad

Reddit for iPad is compatible with the iOS versions of 9.0 and later.

Click here to Download Reddit App for iPad

What’s New on Reddit for iPad Version 4.0.2

  • Now you can restore the friend’s functionalities.
  • In case if you set autoplay you cannot use compact mode, and you can play GIF files.
  • Fixed the bugs in playing GIFs background audio.
  • Fixed all minor Bugs.

Screenshots of Reddit

Download Reddit for iPad
Download Reddit for iPad
Download Reddit for iPad
Download Reddit for iPad
Download Reddit for iPad
Download Reddit for iPad

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