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Final Fantasy for iPad | Final Fantasy iPad: Final Fantasy relives the adventure of Zidane and his troops. Download Final Fantasy for iPad free. The final fantasy application’s download size is quite higher and it requires nearly 4 GB space on your iPad or iOS while downloading the game on your mobile. The download size of the app is 3.9 GB of space. The Final Fantasy was released in the year 2000, since then more than 5.5 million copies were sold. Now the Final Fantasy is being downloaded in the app store as it is available for the iOS users. The story of the Final Fantasy is the Zidane and the Tantalus Theater troupe kidnapped Princess Garnet which is the heir of Alexandria. The princess, however, escapes from the castle. Princess along with her guard Steiner fall in with the Zidane and set out a great journey. They learn about themselves on the way and also the secrets of the crystal. They meet unforgettable characters like Quina and Viva along the way and learn about a malevolent force which threatens to destroy the world.

Final Fantasy for iPad

Final Fantasy for iPad is one of the most interesting adventure game which makes users get addicted to it. Once downloading, you can play the game without any additional purchasing or fees. You can learn more abilities in the game by equipping items. There are many minigames included as well which you can play. The game saves automatically with the option “Auto Save“. It also contains high definition movies and character models.

Specifications of Final Fantasy for iPad

Application Name: Final Fantasy IX
Version: 1.4.9
Categories: Games
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
File size: 3.86 GB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Features of Final Fantasy

The salient features of Final Fantasy iPad are  listed below

Abilities: Equip new items to increase the ability of the character. Once fully mastered, the abilities can be used without equipping the items allowing for an endless customization option.

Trance: The Trance Gauge is filled as you sustain hits in battle. Once it is fully charged, the characters will enter the Trance mode with powerful new skills.

Synthesis: Do not waste the items. The items can be combined together and made better and stronger items.

Autosave: You can resume where you left in the game. It is very helpful for frequent game players.

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Download Final Fantasy for iPad

Final Fantasy iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 7.0 and later.

Click here to Download Final Fantasy App for iPad

Screenshots of Final Fantasy for iPad

Final Fantasy for iPad
Final Fantasy for iPad
Final Fantasy for iPad
Final Fantasy for iPad
Final Fantasy for iPad
Final Fantasy for iPad
Final Fantasy for iPad
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy for iPad
Final Fantasy Download for iPad

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