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Lemmings for iPad | Lemmings iPad is a strategy game for iPad. Download Lemmings for iPad Free. Lemmings for iOS is a humorous family and friendly competition for iPad, and 2-6 players can play this game simultaneously. Lemmings iOS is designed based on the popular board game from GMT Games. Each player on this game will control the cloned clan of lemmings which have been trained specially to compete with the other Lemmings clan. The distance and the style points on Lemmings are very crucial. One lemming diving with style and elan is worth as many as five of the more ordinary divers. But beware that the hungry eagles circling overhead or your lemmings might not even make the cliff edge. Lemmings for iPad features single play against up to five very tricky and back-stabbing opponents, as well as Pass N Play mode. As there is so much player interaction in Lemmings iPad, a multi-player network game just did not make any sense to us, at least not yet.

Download Lemmings for iPad
Download Lemmings for iPad

The primary objective of the games is that the player with the most VP (victory points) will win the game. To earn VP, players will dive their lemmings over the cliff edge. The game board on Lemmings iOS is a hex-based map rendering the canyon down up to six separate lemming clans. It will end with the cliff edge, which is the ultimate goal of lemmings. The three basic types of hexes on the map are clear hexes, brush hexes and lemming chow pellet hexes. Each player on this game will control nearly ten Lemmings, and when you try to move your lemmings towards the cliff, you can make use of the covering terrain when trying to force your opponents Lemmings into becoming eagle chow.

Specifications of Lemmings for iPad

The key specifications for Lemmings iOS are listed below

Application Name: Lemmings
Developer: GMT Games LLC
Version: 1.2
Categories: Games
Languages: English
File size: 140 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Features of Lemmings for iPad

The top features of Lemmings iPad are listed below

Movement Cards:  On Lemmings for iPad, each turn will reveal the movement card, and it will allow for 2-5 lemming movement points. Card luck is mitigated on Lemmings, so the all players can use the same card to move that turn. Just the top lemming in each stack is permitted to move, so the covering of your opponents lemmings is a tactic used to reduce their speed. The disadvantage of this tactic is that the Eagles always steal the top lemming of each stack when they strike. Lemmings generally move ahead, but they are also allowed to move one hex sideways.

Lemming Chow: In this game, there are 32 Lemming Chow Pellet markers are available. Out of them,16 are placed on the map during setup, and the rest 16 will come into play through pellet resupply which happens throughout the game.

Special Actions: Some of the unique actions in this game will allow the players to alter the regular rules of the game to their advantage or to the detriment of opponents. Players are dealt with unique action cards during the setup of the game. Each card will be used only once, so you need to save each one for its best.

Boo: One Active or Covered lemming of the Special Action Player’s choice is shocked by a sudden noise behind it and the special action user passes this lemming two movement points ahead. If this drives the lemming over the cliff, one point will be granted to the owning clan, as the lemming was too shocked to receive any points for the technique.

Eagles: There are two eagles in the Lemmings game, each circling the board within its own colour-coded hunting circle. Players take turns controlling the eagles. The eagle which is hunted can attack any clear hex within their zone.

Cliff Diving: When a lemming jumps with the exact number of movement points required to cross over the cliff edge, it will score 1 VP. If a lemming has extra movement points available at the time of passing the cliff edge, it will awe the judges and earn more VPs.

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Download Lemmings for iPad

Lemmings iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 6.0 and later.

Click here to Download Lemmings for iPad

Screenshots of Lemmings for iPad

Download Lemmings for iPad
Download Lemmings for iPad
Download Lemmings for iPad
Download Lemmings for iPad
Download Lemmings for iPad
Download Lemmings for iPad
Download Lemmings for iPad
Download Lemmings for iPad
Download Lemmings for iPad
Download Lemmings for iPad

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