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Swype for iPad Free Download: Swype for iPad | Swype iPad is one of the virtual keyboard applications that has included many advanced typing features. With the Swype iPad app, you can input the text on your iPad faster and easier. Swype keyboard app now lets you type fast and Swype quicker and thus making keypad tying an enjoyable activity. With the introduction of iOS 8, installing a third-party keyboard app is an added advantage as it was not supported by the earlier versions previously. Swype keyboard app is now even more customizable with brand new themes and with an all-new Emoji keyboard. The Swype keyboard app is one of the fastest, easiest, and fun way to enter text on your iPad screen. You can effortlessly glide your finger from letter to letter and watch as the words and phrases appear on the iPad screen. With a continuous motion across the iPad screen, the Swype app’s patented technology enables you to input the words much faster and more efficiently. Swype keyboard app is a great choice for those who are tired of tapping on the tiny keys.

Download Swype for iPad

With the Swype app, all you need to do is simply glide your finger or stylus over the keys from the first letter of a word to the last letter by lifting only between the words. Now Swype app will pick the right word and add a space. Swype app is based on error-correction algorithms and a language model and it will guess the intended word. The keyboard app will also come with a predictive text system and handwriting when it comes to the iOS device. You can use the Emoji Keyboard in Swype app as it lets you choose from hundreds of Emojis, view recently used Emoji and save favorites. You can intuitively add Emoji to your text by tap or typing the emoji character by keyboard. On doing this, you will be able to see the emoji displayed in the Word Choice List. With the additional tap, you can save words to your personal dictionary when you type though. Swype app learns how you type and thus you can easily add or remove words from your personal dictionary.

Swype for iPad – Specifications

Application Name: Swype
Developer: Nuance Communications Inc
Categories: Utilities
Languages: Multiple Languages
File size:  29.37 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0.

Features of Swype iPad

The top features of Swype iPad are listed below.

Fastest Keyboard App: Swype app is the world best third-party virtual keyboard app for the iPad devices that makes keypad typing easy and fast.

Gesture-Based Typing: Working on Swype app is simple, just glide your finger over the keys you think to hit to spell out a word, and this keyboard app will pick it up and add a space.

Type with Ease: Swipe from certain letters to the space bar and quickly add common punctuation marks or just capitalize the first letter of any word by simply swipe off the top of the keyboard.

Save Words: With few taps, you can efficiently save the words to your personal dictionary as you type in the Swype app iPad.

Emoji Support: Swype iPad app has the support of emojis and thus you can choose from hundreds of emoticons to express things in a more lively way.

Advanced Algorithm: With Swype for iPad free download, you will be able to type the words more easily as it has included error-correction algorithms and an incredibly intuitive language model that predicts the word accurately.

Layout: Swype app has a much better layout for the iPad version and it also supports the traditional QWERTY layout along with QWERTZ and AZERTY.

Themes: There are five beautiful themes made available for the iOS platforms in a way to make the iPad’s screen look even more beautiful while typing the words.

Multiple Languages: Swype iPad app can handle 21 languages from all over the world and thus it also has the support for 16 new downloadable languages.

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Download Swype for iPad

Swype app iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0.

Click here to Download Swype App for iPad.

Screenshots of Swype for iPad

Download Swype for iPad
Download Swype for iPad
Download Swype for iPad
Download Swype for iPad
Download Swype for iPad
Download Swype for iPad
Download Swype for iPad
Download Swype for iPad
Download Swype for iPad
Download Swype for iPad
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