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Happy Wheels for iPad | Happy Wheels iPad is one of the most effective arcade games. Download Happy Wheels for iPad Free.  An arcade game that designed with a darker humorous twist. Happy Wheels iPad is a spirit of games like QWOP, in this game, you can able to control the character here you can pay with various options on your iPad. The game which is fully customizable and it can able to change according to their preferences. The in the object of the Happy Wheels game is that you have to get the character through each level as much as possible by completing the variety of prompted tasks. Here the game will offer a different variety of levels, where they can do anything apart from driving in the race to putter around on a Segway. Then the controls of the application the relatively easy and it will take some few tries which helps you to figure out that how to move your player and then you move it in the exact way you want. Every time you have to hit the obstacle in the game once you hit the obstacle, you will be prompted with certain options.

Download Happy Wheels for iPad
Download Happy Wheels for iPad

The Happy Wheels game is a bit gory and is designed in cartoon kind of way. For instance, in the game when your character was transported back to the prehistoric times and then the non-playable characters were eaten by the dinosaur at least partially. Then the limbs of the player are left behind in the spray of pixellated blood, and you have to drive your Segway. Then download Happy Wheels on your iPad and experience the features.

Specifications of Happy Wheels for iPad

Application Name: Happy Wheels
Developer: Jim Bonacci
Version: 1.0.8
Categories: Games
Languages: English
File size: 40.3 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Features of Happy Wheels

The salient features of Happy Wheels iPad are listed below

Characters: In Happy Wheels character is an interactive entity here the players will control the levels in the game. Here most of the characters will have the special abilities, which is used here for some specific purpose such as Wheelchair Guy’s ability that helps you to speed up.

User Level Browser: It is the feature where you can play any of the 6 million+ levels that released for the game, it not just a featured levels. The game that set up entirely different than the featured level menu. The level name will appear on the very left corner with that the author, playable character, rating, play count, and date will be created.

Level Rules: The rules of the level have been launched to stop all the pornography, racism/sexism,  5-star begging, and fake glitch levels and it will clog up with the user level browser. The rules will always be being in the place, but it is just previously implemented in the game.

Game Test: While thinking of next game they made several demos for a possible games itis called as GameTest12 it is one of the demos of the game. It mentioned on the main page of the game. Then it was released to the otalJerkFace Community by TheDemonicElephant on July 27th, 2011 at 8:03 PM EST through Forums. Then the game is still available for playing.

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Download Happy Wheels for iPad

Happy Wheels iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 7.0 and later.

Click here to Download Happy Wheels App for iPad

What’s New in Happy Wheels for iPad Version 1.0.8

  • For Wheelchair player, they added 11-15 levels.

Screenshots of Happy Wheels

Download Happy Wheels for iPad
Download Happy Wheels for iPad
Download Happy Wheels for iPad
Download Happy Wheels for iPad
Download Happy Wheels for iPad
Download Happy Wheels for iPad
Download Happy Wheels for iPad
Download Happy Wheels for iPad
Download Happy Wheels for iPad
Download Happy Wheels for iPad

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