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Kaspersky for iPad is an effective antivirus for iPad. Download Kaspersky for iPad Free. Kaspersky iOS is an amazing anti-malware app that specially designed for detecting and eliminating worms, viruses, Trojans, auto-dialers, multi-packed files, and much more. Then Kaspersky iPad helps you to detect all the web-based threats, which harm or steal your data from your PC. The application designed with some real-time safeguard, and it also has some other security utilities for protecting your system against malicious software. The installation procedures of Kaspersky for iOS is quite speeding, and it does not need any customisation like any other Antivirus products. The application developed with the beautiful and pleasant interface, and the structure of the application quite well organised with some of the four large buttons that offer a fast access for scanning malware, virus definition updates, quarantine and reports. Then the application has expanded the sections of the app with two extra buttons one for tools and another for a software update. According to your convenience and time being, you can spend time for searching malware because the application has four different types of scanning they are namely full, quick, custom and removable disk mode. With this, the app has the contextual scan that permits you to search fastly, and you can verify any files, drives and folders.

Download Kaspersky for iPad
Download Kaspersky for iPad

In Kaspersky iOS app, you can able to customise according to your convenience, when you were moving to the security level, you have automatic action on threats, you can scan the removable drives, scan scope and more. The additional options of the application are been focused on various types for detecting objects, trusted applications, exclusion rules, trusted apps, software compatibility, self defence mechanism and it easily encrypts all your connection. So download Kaspersky on your iPad and experience the features.

Download Kaspersky for iPad now

Specifications of Kaspersky for iPad

Application Name: Kaspersky
Developer: Kaspersky Lab UK Limited
Version: 1.9.0
Categories: Antivirus 
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
File size: 2.60 MB
Compatibility:  Requires iOS 9.0 or later.

Features of Kaspersky

The salient features of Kaspersky iPad are listed below

Protects your Internet: Kaspersky app developed for detecting and clearing internet thread. It is one of the best award-winning security applications that helps you to safeguard all your privacy, identity, money, photos, family details and files.

Secure all iOS devices: The Kaspersky Total security is an effective and convenient app for detecting all sort of threads, and it offers highest-level protection. Then the app can able to run on the combination for all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and more.

Safeguard your Privacy: The app will provide a proactive Anti-Phishing Protection, which helps you to verify all your websites security with that it will also prevent all your hidden and redirected fake websites. Then it will protect all your web tracking of your regular browsing, and it will not allow you to capture your personal information.

Online Banking and Shopping: You may use Mca, iPad, iPhone for every device you have unique Safe Money technology that will automatically add all the extra layer of security for your online banking and shopping otherwise when you are using the payment websites it will get enabled.

Password Management: The application can able to manage all your app and websites password because all the data has been securely stored and synchronised with the application. So you can easily access them from all your iOS devices. Here you must remember only the master password.

Related Applications of Kaspersky for iPad

This Post is about Kaspersky for iOS Download, the related applications of Kaspersky for iPad are listed below

AVG Antivirus for iPad is free Anti-Virus program which is free for non-commercial use for the life of the product.

Norton AntiVirus for iPad is an anti-malware app as part of its Norton iOS family of computer security products.

Download Kaspersky for iPad

Kaspersky iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.0 and later.

Click here to Download Kaspersky App for iPad

Screenshots of Kaspersky for iPad

Download Kaspersky for iPad
Download Kaspersky for iPad
Download Kaspersky for iPad
Download Kaspersky for iPad
Download Kaspersky for iPad
Download Kaspersky for iPad

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