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Tracker App for iPad | Tracker App iPad is a useful GPS tracking application. Download Tracker App for iPad Free. With the Tracker App for iOS, you can convert your iPad into a GPS tracking device. It is quite easy to monitor and track the whereabouts of the device when it is installed with Tracker app. All you need is create an account with tracker app by providing a username and password. Track your family members, business devices, or even your employee’s location status while they travel by using this app on every day. Tracker App is designed in a user-friendly manner, and hence it runs in the background without needing any manual setup. It effectively tracks the location using GPS and provides every detail as the app is active at any time. All the details will be saved on the server of the Tracker app. You can find the location of any of your device which has the Tracker App right from any other device using your login credentials. Just log in from the browser of your iPhone, Android, or Mac PC to monitor the location from the server of this app. Furthermore, you will be able to configure the app settings like tracking power, tracking schedule, and the password protected lock screen.

Download Tracker App for iPad
Download Tracker App for iPad

Tracker App iPad doesn’t limit its user in tracking any number of devices. You can track multiple devices, even the ones that belong to other platforms quite easily with this GPS tracking app. The app works completely cellular or Wifi connectivity and thus provides every updated location tracking details. Your app will continue to track and save the data in the iPad’s internal storage when in case of internet connection interruption. Once after the connection resumes, the location details will be uploaded to the server. Other notable features of Tracker app for iPad includes sharing your live location through a URL, receive notification via email when your iPad crosses the geofence, download your tracks and more.

Specifications of Tracker App for iPad

The key specifications for Tracker App iOS are listed below

Application Name: Tracker App
Developer: FollowMee LLC
Version: 5.3
Categories: Navigation
Languages:  English
File size: 4.7 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Features of Tracker App

The salient features of Tracker App for iPad are listed below

Perfect GPS Tracker App: With the installation of Tracker App iPad, it is easy to track and monitor the whereabouts of your iPad easily. Install the app on your iPad from the App Store and monitor the places travelled by your family member or company employee.

Monitor Location Effectively: Login to the Tracker app’s website right from your mobile or desktop browser to monitor the location. You will be getting a three-day location history right from the Tracker app’s server.

Website Access: By logging into the Tracker app’s website, you will be able to know the precise location details of the iPad’s with Tracker app. Get notifications for the geofencing, location sharing, location reporting, and other tracking services.

Tracker App is Always On: As soon as the app starts, it runs in the background quietly without requiring the human interaction. The app will restart itself automatically whenever the iPad user reboots or terminates the device.

Configurable App Settings: You can configure tracking power, tracking schedule, and password protected lock screen from this tracking app. The business users can deploy this app by using MDM and its settings to the remote devices.

Tracking Multiple Devices: With the Tracker app iPad, you can track multiple devices, including other mobile devices that belong to different platforms by logging into your account. You will get all the locations of any device on one map.

Download Report: You can download your tracks from Tracker app as CSV (Excel), KML, GPX format on the map page. Take a look at the mileage option features available in this app.

Works Fine with the Interrupted Internet: All the location details will be uploaded on the Tracker app server with an internet connection. Even if the connection is interrupted, the app continues to track the location. It will be saved in the iPad’s device storage and is uploaded once if the connection resumes.

SOS Panic Button: With the SOS Panic Button, you can email your current location and make a call to a designated phone number through VOIP from your iPad.

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Download Tracker App for iPad

Tracker App iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.0 and later.

Click here to Download Tracker App for iPad

What’s New in Tracker App for iPad Version 5.3

  • Fixed all crashes in the app.
  • Fixed all issues creating bugs.
  • Now it is compatible with iPhone X.

Screenshots of Tracker App for iPad

Download Tracker App for iPad
Download Tracker App for iPad
Download Tracker App for iPad
Download Tracker App for iPad
Download Tracker App for iPad
Download Tracker App for iPad
Download Tracker App for iPad
Download Tracker App for iPad
Download Tracker App for iPad
Download Tracker App for iPad

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