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iFit for iPad | iFit iPad is an excellent Fitness Application. iFit iPad is designed for anyone who wants to maintain their fitness. iFit iOS provides you with actionable guidance. The guidance may be available on a daily basis, So you can perform your daily activity efficiently. iFit for iOS provides you with plenty of activities, nutrition, exercise and sleep methodologies. You can also get the fitness plan for your body metrics uniquely, So unique goals will be provided based on body metrics and activity. The app replaces your trainer and dietitian. With this app, you can always have your trainer and dietitian in your packet. The app interface guides every step of the way. The app interface allows you to track your daily activity, nutrition, exercise, sleep and weight easily. You can also receive recommended goals for your activity. The app interface enables you to set your own goals and follow those goals easily. The iFit app provides you with new workouts, So you never get bored with the monotonous workouts. The exercises will be updated to you periodically. The app interface allows you to share your health journey with your beloved friends in no time.

Download iFit for iPad
Download iFit for iPad

iFit for iOS makes your life healthier than ever. You can easily adapt to a healthier lifestyle with this app. The app interface also allows you to connect with your iFit products. You can quickly track your status by getting in sync with the iFit wearables such as Link, Axis HR, Act, Active, Duo, Vue or Classic. You can also view your workout status in treadmill, elliptical or bike. The app gets the information about the body metrics first and then provides the data accordingly.

Specifications of iFit for iPad

Application Name: iFit
DeveloperICON Health & Fitness Inc
Version: 1.36
Categories: Health & Care
Languages:  English
File size: 136 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 and later.

Features of iFit for iPad

The salient features of iFit iPad are listed below

Video Workouts: iFit iOS provides you with plenty of workout videos for training. The videos are available in HD format, and the training is done by personal trainers such as Jillian Michaels and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The iFit video series includes Fit Mommies and Kickboxing.

Challenges: The app interface provides you with challenging workouts which are designed and shared by an iFit expert, which helps a lot in pushing each other towards the goals. You can also create your competition or can accept other’s challenge.

Stats Tracking: The app interface always allows you to keep track of treadmill exercise. The more you pay attention to your health stats, the more likely you make brilliant health decisions. You can even keep track of your calories, your daily activity, you can chart your weight and chart your sleep.

Building Community: iFit for iPad allows you to socialise with your iFit members, this motivates your training a lot. You can also follow the posts from other people of your community. You can even share your article with others easily.

Leaderboards: The app interface allows you to access the leaderboards so that you can know the highest scorers in the fitness and you can also follow them to attain the same stage.

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Download iFit for iPad

iFit for iPad is compatible with the iOS versions of 8.1 and later.

Click the link below to Download iFit for iPad

What’s New in Version 1.36

  • Library Workout errors are fixed.
  • Video Streaming has been made adaptive to a better experience.
  • Fixed FAQs and Help Articles link.

Screenshots of iFit for iPad

Download iFit for iPad
Download iFit for iPad
Download iFit for iPad
Download iFit for iPad
Download iFit for iPad
Download iFit for iPad

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