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Download Fitbit App iPad | Fitbit App for iPad Free Download: Fitbit for iPad is the fitness app. You can use Fitbit iOS to track basic activity and runs on your phone, or connect with one of Fitbit’s many activity trackers and the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale to get a complete picture of your health containing steps, calories burned, distance & weight, sleep and much more. With Fitbit track your daily goals and your progress over time for distance, steps, calories burned, and much more, and the world’s most leading app tip tracking all-day activity, workouts sleep, and much more. You can use GPS to track your runs, hikes, and walks. You can wirelessly sync your Blaze, Alta, Alta HR, Aria, Flex, Flex 2, Charge 2, Charge HR, Surge, One or Zip tracker with your iPad. In addition to these, you can track your log activities like yoga and workout. You can compete with your friends for daily and weekly challenges by comparing the stats.

Download Fitbit App for iPad
Download Fitbit App for iPad

With Fitbit App iPad, you can check how many calories you consume each day, and according to that you can manage your Weight, and you can track all day heart rate with Fitbit Surge and Charge HR. Fitbit tracker will help you to record your sleep at night. Then you can use the rest tools to set the weekly sleep goal, to create bedtime reminders and wake targets. Afterward, you can review your sleep trends over time. You can connect multiple trackers to one account, and Fitbit for iPad will automatically detect when you switch between them. Hence you can wear Fitbit Surge during the time of workouts, and you can use Fitbit one to track your day discreetly.

Fitbit for iPad – Specifications

Application Name: Fitbit
Developer: Fitbit, Inc.
Version: 2.37
Categories: Health & Care
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
File size: 136 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.

Features of Fitbit App iPad

The top features of Fitbit App iPad Download are listed below

Track Activity: Track Activity will help you to track your steps and distance accurately with Mobile track when you carry your phone. By pairing the app with the Fitbit tracker, you can track all-day stats like calories burned, active minutes, and sleep.

Run Smarter: By using MobileRun, you can enhance runs, walks, hikes to track your pace, time, and distance. Moreover, you can control your music, get voice cues and use your phone’s GPS to map your routes.

Record Workouts: With Fitbit App, you can track your exercise. Afterward, you can check the app to see your stats, how your performance is improving, and their impact on that day.

Heart Rate Monitor: Fitbit Tracker with PurePulse will help you to heart rate with graphs in the app. In addition to that, you can identify trends, manage stress, and see the results of your workouts.

Log Food Faster: With our barcode scanner, quickly log calories, calorie estimator, and expanded food database of nearly 3,50,000 foods. Moreover, you can see your meal history at a glance and get nutritional insights.

Measure Hydration: You can quickly log your intake of water to make sure that you are properly hydrated during workouts.

Set and Manage Goals: Fitbit App for iPad Free Download, Create weight, nutrition, and exercise goals and initiate the food plan to stay on track. Afterward, you will get a visual image of your daily progress with colourful, charts and graphs.

See how you sleep: You can set sleep goals in the app and Fitbit tracker to observe how much time you spent awake, restless, or peaceful sleeping.

Share & Compete: You can share and compete your stats with your friends on the leaderboard or in the Fitbit Challenges.

Stay Motivated: There will be a notification that will pop up when you are near to reaching the goal or have already met one.

Manage Weight: You can connect wirelessly to the Aria Wi-Fi smart scale to seamlessly track your BMI, weight, lean mass, and percentage of body fat.

Related applications of Fitbit App for iPad

This Post is about Fitbit App for iOS Download, the related applications of the Fitbit App are listed below.

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Download Fitbit App for iPad

Fitbit App iPad Download is compatible with the iOS version of 9.0 and later.

Click here to Download Fitbit for iPad.

Techniques to Download Fitbit on iPad

First Technique: If you want Fitbit App on your iPad just makes a click on the above “Download Link” with the help of the link you can comfortably download all your Fitbit App iPad app on your device. It is one of the world most leading apps by using this app you can easily track all your daily activities such as sleep, workout, and more. By using the above link you can simply and quickly get the Fitbit App iOS app on your iPad device. Once you download the app on your device it will automatically get installed then you have to create your account by adding the details like your weight, height, and much more, with that, it will calculate all your body working conditions.

Download Fitbit App for iPad
Download Fitbit App for iPad

Second Technique: The second method to download Fitbit App for iPad is download it from Apple App Store and the method is quite useful for other Apple devices. To download Fitbit App for iOS first open App Store on your iPad, then type as Fitbit App in the search box located at the top of the page by using the virtual keyboard. Once you enter the app name in the search box and tap the search button it will show the results of the Fitbit App iPad. After that, tap the free button located near the Fitbit App search and taps the same button again at the time label change into the download. If you need to download the app from the App store you have to provide your iTunes account and password once you done it just tap the ok button. It will download on your iPad and automatically installed.

Download Fitbit App for iPad

Download Fitbit App for iPad

Third Technique: It is the final method to download Fitbit App for iPad Download on your iOS devices. In the technique, you can move directly to the Fitbit App homepage from that page you have to select the app according to your device and download it. On the home page of the app, it has many different options for download as well as for other stuff from that you have to tap the “Download Now” option with that you can download it easily. Once you click the page it will move to another page from that page you will get your app on your iPad.

Download Fitbit App for iPad
Download Fitbit App for iPad

Screenshots of Fitbit App for iPad

Download Fitbit App for iPad
Download Fitbit App for iPad
Download Fitbit App for iPad
Download Fitbit App for iPad
Download Fitbit App for iPad
Download Fitbit App for iPad

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