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Flux for iPad | Flux iPad App is one of the best utility application for iPad. The Flux for iOS will adjust your iPad’s colour temperature automatically. Look at the screen of your iPad without troubling your eyes. The developers design flux app in such a way that the app will adjust both the brightness and colours according to the night or daylight conditions. The utility app regulates the colours of your iPad’s display so as to match the time of the day. Flux iPad App reduces your eye strain or your headache and even helps you sleep at night. When the Flux app is installed on your iPad, then the glare from the iPad’s screen will no more hurt your eyes no matter if you stare at a screen for too long. It works best when you provide your location details and such that the flux app will calculate the precise time of your day and give the appropriate light tones. The Flux iPad App will wind down the bright blue colours from your iPad to help you at look at the screen comfortably at night and returns to your screen to the normal the next day. The smooth graphical display of the app will show the current position of the sun and gradually changes the brightness according to the temperature change. You will be able to see a quick preview of the dimming effects for the next 24 hours on clicking the interface.

Download Flux for iPad
Download Flux for iPad

The Flux user can choose from a variety of colour profiles and pre-defined temperature values. The Flux app gives you the option of customizing the lighting for your iPad’s screen for both day and night time, and it ranges from Candle to Halogen and Daylight. The Movie Mode feature of this app will attempt to keep the colours and shadow details. On the other hand, Flux app will still present the images in warmer colour tones with powerful contrasts balancing. Use the override button when you are doing colour sensitive work, and thus Flux app will not disturb you by changing the display colour.

Specifications of Flux for iPad

The key specifications for Flux iOS are listed below

Application Name: Flux
Developer: f.lux Software LLC
Version: 4.5.5
Categories: Utilities
Languages: English
File size: 4.5MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Features of Flux

The salient features of Flux iPad are listed below

  • Make your iPad screen look like the room you are in, all the time as the Flux app iPad will automatically adjust your screen brightness.
  • You have to choose a location based on your geographic coordinates, ZIP code or the name of a location as the app functions in a way to adjust to screen brightness according to the temperature.
  • Choose from a variety of colour profiles and pre-defined temperature values for your iPad screen with the Flux app iPad.
  • Flux for iPad will calculate the approximate sunset time for your location. At sunset, the iPad screen will mimic nature, and it gradually warms up the colours. And in turn, it will blend in a better way with the surrounding light.
  • You can preview an entire day’s lighting changes within a few seconds and make changes in the settings when you need some changes.
  • Doing colour sensitive work will not be affected by the Flux app’s override button, and thus the app makes sure you are working with other stuff comfortably.
  • Enable the Movie Mode and watching films is made easy as the flux app decreases the red tinge for 2.5 hours for the comfortable viewing.

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Download Flux for iPad

Unfortunately, Flux App is not available for iPad devices. We will update the article once it gets released for iOS devices.

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