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Desktop Browser for iPad | Desktop Browser iPad is the powerful web browser application. With the Desktop Browser iOS, you will get everything you think a browser should contain right on your iPad. For those who feel like using the desktop version of the browser on the iPad can make use of the Desktop Browser iPad. Access any of the websites on the mobile and the desktop version by downloading the Desktop Browser on your iPad. Take advantage of the default Safari browser on your iPad with the feature-rich Desktop Browser app. Get the desktop browser interface right on your iPad screen and feel as if you are in front of your desktop or PC. Use the impressive gesture support of the iPad utility app to navigate the browser. You can surf the web the way you prefer in no time. You can bookmark the websites that are most often used by directly adding them to the bookmarks option.

Download Desktop Browser for iPad
Download Desktop Browser for iPad

Desktop Browser iPad saves all your searches and the websites you have been visited in its history field. You can manage the history option of this mobile web browser at any time you want. The iPad’s desktop browser lets you enjoy the private browsing mode, and thus you are always secured from the websites being monitored by some unauthorized users. You can prefer seeing various stuff in the full-screen mode or download multiple files including the multimedia as you do in the desktop browsing on this Desktop Browser app. The user interface of the app is designed in such a way to provide the user with an option to experience the desktop-based web browsing on the iPad. The UI is very simple, and it lets you navigate to the browser with total control and ease under your fingertip.

Specifications of Desktop Browser for iPad

The key specifications for Desktop Browser iOS are listed below

Application Name: Desktop Browser
Developer: Spicy Apps
Version: 2.10
Categories: Utilities
Languages:  English
File size: 31.0 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Features of Desktop Browser

The salient features of Desktop Browser iPad are listed below

Perfect Desktop Browser: Desktop Browser iPad displays both the mobile and the desktop version of a website on your iPad.

Browse with Ease: The Desktop Browser app lets you surf the web and its contents in the way you want and prefer with no limitations.

Desktop Mode: Desktop Browser for iPad will spoof you with a string to trick the websites into thinking that the browser is a desktop browser and not a mobile version.

Bookmarks: It is easy for you to manage all your favourite and frequently visited sites in the bookmark section of this Desktop Browser app.

Plugins: Get to access the supplementary functions, more options and possibilities that are enabled with this iPad web browser application.

Powerful Downloader: It is very much easy and simple to download everything now from the internet with this iPad app. You can even manage your files with the file manager quickly in no time.

Browse with Gestures: Use your fingers to scroll and tap on the website and access everything on the go with your gestures on your iPad with this utility app.

Effective Website Access: The Desktop Browser app for iPad works with the websites, by requesting the browser’s user and websites by the technic called responsive design.

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Download Desktop Browser for iPad

Desktop Browser iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.0 and later.

Click here to Download Desktop Browser App for iPad

Screenshots of Desktop Browser for iPad

Download Desktop Browser for iPad
Download Desktop Browser for iPad
Download Desktop Browser for iPad
Download Desktop Browser for iPad
Download Desktop Browser for iPad
Download Desktop Browser for iPad

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