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DM1 for iPad | DM1 iPad is an excellent multimedia drum machine application. Download DM1 for iPad Free. DM1 for iOS will turn your iPad into a virtual drum machine to make fun and creative beats. DM1 has been designed with the motto for the user to create a lot of instant fun. The app is really easy and fast to use as it is loaded with the 99 superb electronic drum kits with a hyper-realistic graphics. DM1 has a neat mixer that lets you set the level, pan, pitch and length of each drum sound. There is even an option to set any sample to play the reversed version when needed. Within a Step sequencer, drum parts are built as patterns. There is a range of effects options available in the DM1 app that can either be applied as master effects to the specific drums to the whole kit. You can program in automation data on a per-drum base for the current pattern within the mixer screen. Add or create your own kits by combining from the supplied samples. There is a Step Sequencer available with a multi-touch matrix. Turn on or off steps with your tip of the fingers as to create cool beats and unexpected rhythms for more entertainment. DM1 works great for the beginners and non-musicians as it has drum pads that automatically quantizes your work.

Download DM1 for iPad
Download DM1 for iPad

Just swipe your finger to add or delete a series of hits. Tap it twice and the grid square produces a louder hit. It is easy to subtle sound mixing with your drum kits with the Mixer. Choose from various settings like volume, sample length, pitch. The Fix Trackpads section of the DM1 app has a creative duo of FX trackpads to perform distort, modulate, transform your beats, and there are lots of effects included in it. It is easy and fast to make a song by dragging and dropping with the beat patterns which you have created.

Specifications of DM1 for iPad

The key specifications for DM1 iOS are listed below

Application Name: DM1
Developer: Fingerlab
Version: 6.1
Categories: Multimedia
Languages:  English
File size: 335 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Features of DM1 for iPad

The salient features of DM1 for iPad are listed below

Five Main Section: DM1 for iPad has five main section that lets you perform drumming efficiently. It includes Step Sequencer, Drum Pads, Mixer, FX Trackpads, and the Song Composer.

Hyper-Realistic Graphic Design: The user of DM1 can explore and play music on the hyper-realistic graphic design by Jonas Eriksson. Get the smart ergonomy for fast creativity and fun way of drumming.

Electronic Drum Kits: DM1 is loaded with 108 vintages and produced drum kits that are mastered at in-house of the Fingerlab Sound Studios.

Multi-Touch Screen: Use your finger to turn on and off the steps with the Step Sequencer to create new and cool beats as rhythms.

Mixer Section: Get personalized control over the pitch, volume, length and level rotary controls, choke, pan controls, and custom drum kit per channel.

Automatic Quantize: Get your work done with the automation quantize panel of the Drum Pads for a precise and intuitive control to play and record the beat that tickles your fingers.

FX Trackpads: With DM1 for iPad, you will be getting the duo FX Trackpads for the real-time sonic destruction and multi-FX. Get the Live Waveform display for the FX pads and there is also an option for FX per track FX automation.

Transform Beats with Effects: It is easy to transform your beats by applying the effects like Overdrive, Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Dub Delay, Envelope follower, Formant, Filter, Dalek filter, Compressor, Texturizer, Robotizer, and Noise Gate.

Compose Song with an Ease: With the 9 Big Drum pads, pitch-bend ribbon automation, quantized recording, pitch-bend ribbon, and mode song with intuitive editing features, composing the songs is quite an easy task.

Export to Cloud: DM1 for iOS lets you export the high-quality tracks to cloud storage and social networking sited like SoundCloud, DropBox, Facebook, Email, iTunes or AudioCopy.

Other Features: Get the extra support with the DM1 like the randomizer tool, extra fast drum kit loading,
playable pattern selection for extra creativity, audio background mode, audiobus support, full Midi implementation
Ableton LINK and more.

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Download DM1 for iPad

DM1 iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here toDownload DM1 App for iPad

What’s New in DM1 for iPad Version 6.1

  • Added more sorting fil and order buttons in the Load popup.

Screenshots of DM1 for iPad

Download DM1 for iPad
Download DM1 for iPad
Download DM1 for iPad
Download DM1 for iPad
Download DM1 for iPad
Download DM1 for iPad
Download DM1 for iPad
Download DM1 for iPad
Download DM1 for iPad
Download DM1 for iPad

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