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BitTorrent is one of the amazing entertainment applications for iPad. BitTorrent is an efficient search engine where you can find torrent files, and it can also use Bit Che as an alternative app that incorporates RSS technology and is used here for alerting users to find the presence of new torrents online. It is an official client for the protocol, Peer to peer, and it is a lightweight application. For every torrent file, the application will show the general data download, with that, it will give information about peers, seeds, and trackers and the charts on the download and upload speeds.

BitTorrent for iPad

The BitTorrent application which used for downloading files like movies, games, documents, videos, MP3 music, and more. It will not cover the copyright, where it lets the user share the files with that you can also create a new torrent. The app can able to provide several features borrowed from uTorrent. Here, the application is designed with an intuitive and well-organized interface with a modern design. The user can see the active and inactive torrents from the main screen and the complete downloads, where you can access the options menu and configure all the settings at the bottom of BitTorrent. So download BitTorrent on your iPad and experience the features.


Application Name: BitTorrent
Developer: Rainberry, Inc.
Categories: Entertainment
Languages: English, Spanish
File size: 59.6 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.2 or later

Features of BitTorrent iPad

Fast Delivery: The built-in technology of the application helps you break big files into small pieces. Then the files will be downloaded piece by piece from various sources. If the files were broken into tiny bites, they would use less bandwidth, so your download would be much faster than other apps.

Unlimited Downloading: It allows the user to download gigabytes, terabytes, and Petabytes of files. While compared to other software, the BitTorrent app has no limit for downloading the number of files. So it can download more and move or transfer the amount of as much data as possible.

Instant Play: The app will let the user watch the video while downloading, so the users need not wait till the files get downloaded. Just press the play button on the media files and enjoy by watching or listening, or reading them in the background.

Bandwidth Booster: BitTorrent can optimize the speed of your connection, and it can also auto-adjust the bandwidth usage based on your network and internet connection, ensuring fast file delivery. Here the download will run only in the background, and it won’t affect or slow down your video chats or gameplay.

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Download BitTorrent for iPad

Currently, BitTorrent App for iPad is not available. We will update once it is released for the iPad.

Download BitTorrent for iPad

BitTorrent is quite powerful and lightweight, and the best pieces of the app are Peer to peer. The application is similar to uTorrent, which is one of the most popular file-sharing software.

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