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iMaschine for iPad | iMaschine iPad is a multimedia app that creates intuitive music. Download iMaschine for iPad Free. Make music from anywhere with hands-on iMaschine for iOS. Get focused on every kind of music as iMaschine will play and support all your music needs. Use the 16 pads on the app to perform and record drums. iMaschine’s built-in audio recorder gives even options to sing on the top of your loops or create your own unique sample. Use the Smart Play keyboard to jam a melody, finalize your track in the full version on the go into full tracks by turning your loops and scenes. Create spontaneous beats as the music creator apps work even for the non-musicians in providing great entertainment. iMaschine lets you create the grooves at any time with its Threshold-based pad sampling, note repeat mode, auto-loop length feature, six handy effects in the onboard mixer and the unique audio recording function. Lay down your beats without finger drumming skills in the Step Mode. You can directly sample tracks or import from your iTunes library. iMaschine adapts to the iPad screen very well and thus provides a compact and optimized workflow.

Download iMaschine for iPad
Download iMaschine for iPad

iMaschine iPad has drum kits and melodic sounds included with it and thus provides a professional WAV-format and lets you expand your Library. iMaschine for iPad supports opening up the existing projects effortlessly in iMaschine 2. The multimedia music app comes with major library updates and has 19 projects, 38 drum kits, and over 750 samples with over 300 MB of content. With the expansion of the in-app purchase, iMaschine Expansion feature will provide you with a massive collection of drum kits and instrumental sounds.

Specifications of iMaschine for iPad

The key specifications for iMaschine iOS are listed below

Application Name: iMaschine
Developer: Native Instruments
Version: 2.2.0
Categories: Multimedia
Languages:  English
File size: 509 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Features of iMaschine

The salient features of iMaschine for iPad are listed below

Make Music: iMaschine create a beat on 16 pads with the hundreds of professional sounds available. You can add melodies and basslines with the Smart Play keyboard or spice up your track with your vocal and field recordings or sample directly from your iTunes.

Fully Mobile: The all-new features in the iMaschine app are fast, intuitive, and fun that gives you a burst of fresh inspiration. Get an option to create full tracks fast from being anywhere, anytime.

Arrange Tracks: With the swipe of the finger, you can turn your loops and scenes into full tracks. Create different patterns and arrange your scenes.

Step Mode: Set up your rhythms to quickly lay down beats by browsing from the hundreds of professional sounds within seconds.

Smart Play Keyboard: Play chords, melodies, or basslines through the smart play keyboard that maps to the notes of a scale. Thus iMaschine app plays all the right notes.

Sample, Record & Mix: Create your field recordings, your own vocals or direct sampling from iTunes. You can edit and reverse your samples easily within the iMaschine iPad.

Share Your Sounds: Export your sample, mix and record as an audio file or directly upload it to SoundCloud from the iMaschine iOS and share it with others.

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Download iMaschine for iPad

iMaschine iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 6.0 and later.

Click here to Download iMaschine App for iPad

iMaschine for iPad – Screenshots:-

Download iMaschine for iPad
Download iMaschine for iPad
Download iMaschine for iPad
Download iMaschine for iPad
Download iMaschine for iPad
Download iMaschine for iPad
Download iMaschine for iPad
Download iMaschine for iPad

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