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DAW for iPad Free Download: DAW is one of the powerful digital audio workstations applications that work best on any iOS device. DAW iPad app is a two-in-one application that can function as a digital recorder and audio editor. It is very much easy to release your inner creativity for music with this digital audio workstation app. Download DAW iPad as it a popular and well-known recording choice of many iOS device users who perform music. DAW is an added advantage to the iPad, and thus you will be able to create and edit stunning audio. Turn your iPad ultimately into a collection of touch instruments with a full-featured recording studio with the download and installation of the DAW iPad app. With the streamlined interface of DAW, you can focus only on the recording process without getting deviated. As it is available for other devices of iOS platform, working on it even in the smaller screen doesn’t complication your music creation. Work with up to 24 stereo or mono track feature of DAW app to create high-quality audio tracks. Play any of those tracks while recording up to 16 tracks at the same time. You can make music from anywhere in better audio quality when compared with the CD-quality audio.

DAW for iPad

DAW iPad has the support for the Regions and Bins with which you can perform non-linear, non-destructive editing. You can easily record multiple takes, solos, harmonies, and experiments without needing to worry about bouncing as each instrument will have its track. The DAW app has Mastering Section that includes Compressor and EQ. Use other audio apps as instruments, effects, and generators with the help of inter-app audio support of the DAW iPad app. The ruler will show where you are in the song as it displays Bars, Beats, or Seconds. With the Punch in/out, you can automatically start and stop recording. DAW has user selectable buffer size along with the latency compensation for perfectly synced recordings. Besides this, you can get the support of the multi-touch pinch or zoom, animated popup controls, loop with the Loop Markers. With the loop recording, you will get continuous overwriting and much more.

DAW for iPad – Specifications

Application Name: DAW
DeveloperHamilton Feltman
Version: 4.3.3
Categories: Music
Languages: English, French, German
File size:  24.2 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Features of DAW iPad

The top features of DAW iPad Download are listed below.

Portable Audio Recording: DAW is a powerful audio recorder and audio editor that will bring your digital audio workstation right in your palm on the iPad.

Input Options: Get the support for a wide range of input capabilities like built-in mic, headset mics, USB interfaces, and mics with the DAW iPad app download.

Massive Number of Tracks: DAW app has the support for up to 24 stereo or mono tracks where the eight stereo audio tracks can be upgradable to 24. You can even record up to 16 tracks simultaneously with the help of the DAW app iPad.

Rendered Waveforms: You can easily zoom into a waveform with which you can see what’s happening in a sound. The waveform rendering uses background processes, so never slows down the UI.

Synchronize: Easily transfer individual tracks or final mixes from and to your device by using the WiFi interface. You can even use iTunes file sharing to mixdown or importing audio files with the DAW iPad app.

Inter-App Audio: With the Inter-App Audio support of the DAW iPad app, you can use other audio apps as generators, instruments, and effects to improvise your audio editing needs.

Preview: With the Audio Browser support of the DAW iPad download, you are given an option to get the preview of audio files in the song.

Other Notable Features: There are various other features present with the download and installation of the DAW app, and they are listed below.

  • At multiple zoom levels, you can get beautifully rendered waveforms.
  • Use Regions and Bins for non-linear, non-destructive editing.
  • Sweet Reverb and configurable stereo Delay is available as bus effects.
  • Easily align regions with Grid View with Snap of DAW.
  • Copy and paste to and from other apps, undo and redo with 30 levels.
  • Latency compensation with the selectable buffer sizes.
  • Multi-touch pinch or zoom support.

This Post is about DAW for iOS Download, the related applications of the DAW app are listed below.

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Download DAW for iPad

DAW app iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and above, iPad OS.

Click here to Download DAW App for iPad.

Screenshots of DAW for iPad

DAW for iPad
DAW for iPad
DAW for iPad
DAW for iPad
DAW for iPad
DAW for iPad
DAW for iPad
DAW for iPad
DAW for iPad
DAW for iPad
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  • DAW Database for iOS
  • DAW for iPad Free download

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