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Auria for iPad | Auria iPad is an audio editing app for iPad. Auria for iOS is the music production system, and it has the third-party plug-in support from the names like PSPAudioware, Fabfilter and Drumagog to set a new standard in the audio recording on iPad device. Auria is the first professional digital audio workstation app for the iPad developed by the WaveMachine Labs Inc. When comes audio quality, audio mixing and mastering, Auria is the best audio editing app for iPad. The standout features of Auria is the recording and processing of audio. There are several impressive lists of Plugins are available in Auria in-Appstore: Pro-C, FabFilters Micro, Timeless 2, Pro-DS, Pro-G, Pro-L, Pro-Q, Saturn, Volcano 2, PSP’s Echo, MicroWarmer, OldTimer, PianoVerb 2, and Wave machines Classic Verb Pro and Drumagog. In addition to these plugins, some of the plugins like Classic Verb, PSP Channel, Master Strips, Retune and Convolution Reverb comes default to the Auria App. The Auria iPad App has the classical multitrack digital audio workstation interface with tracks, audio region, timeline, high-quality plugins and the effects which make this app more flexible in audio arranging, recording and mixing.

Download Auria for iPad
Download Auria for iPad

There are two main screens are available Auria App: Mixer and Track Editor. The Main drop-down menu in Auria App provides access to all the project functions, and there is a fully stocked edit menu as well as process menu for the audio mixing. Auria App for iPad has an integration with iTunes Share and Dropbox to import and export AAF files. The real-time MIDI parameters in Auria App includes velocity shift, random, legato, length compression, quantise, delay, velocity compression and much more. Hence Auria App for iPad is a much needed powerful audio mixer or audio editor app for iPad.

Specifications of Auria for iPad

The key specifications for Auria iOS are listed below

Application Name: Auria
Developer: WaveMachine Labs Inc
Version: 2.14
Categories: Music
Languages: English
File size: 1.01 GB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Features of Auria for iPad

The top features of Auria iPad are listed below

AuriaLink: With the help of AuriaLink, users can Auria on two iPads to play and record in sync. It allows 96 tracks of playback and 48 tracks of recording.

Powerful Waveform Editor: Auria for iPad is a powerful waveform editor with features like cut/copy/paste, crossfade, duplicate, separate, gain, normalize, dc offset, reverse, and much more.

AAF import and export: It allows transferring the complete sessions between popular digital audio workstations like Samplitude, Logic, Pro Tools, Nuendo and much more.

Optional Video import: It is an optional feature which allows accurate sample sync of video to the Auria audio mixing.

Timeline Ruler: The timeline ruler in Auria App include samples, minutes: seconds, bars: beats and SMPTE time.

Multiple Tracks: With compatible USB audio interface, nearly 24 tracks can be added simultaneously to the audio recording. Make sure that you have a Camera Connection Kit to combine multiple tracks simultaneously.

PSPAudioware: The PSPAudioware in Auria App has several advanced features like Expander, Compressor, Multiband EQ.

WIST Support: Auria App for iPad has a WIST support for the wireless syncing for other compatible music apps.

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Download Auria for iPad

Auria App iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here to Download Auria for iPad

Screenshots of Auria for iPad

Download Auria for iPad
Download Auria for iPad
Download Auria for iPad
Download Auria for iPad
Download Auria for iPad
Download Auria for iPad

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