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CAD App for iPad | CAD iPad is a productivity app for iPad. CAD iOS is a free design application created to design the medium-sized projects like home additions, cabinetry work, site surveys and remodelling projects. With this app, the users can draw CAD drawings with ease. If you need to save or export your Drawings to a professional CAD Application like AutoCAD, users can upgrade their application to export their Drawings in either PDF or DXF files. The CAD iOS App is designed with speed, ease of use, and mobility in mind. Plugworks Inc develops CAD App for iPad, and it is the perfect stating app for drafting projects. The CAD iPad App is ideal for carpenters, general contractors, appraisers, architectural firms and real estate professionals. It has a very shallow learning curve and a comprehensive set of instructions. Once the CAD App is upgraded to the pro version, users can export their drawings into several formats like PDF files, DXF files or image files. CAD App for iPad is not a full-blown CAD application, but it got the right amount of drawing tools to let you start or edit an imported project on the move. Also, Projects can be exported in various CAD formats and then edited in more complex applications. Please note that users can’t export their drawings in the free version of CAD App.

Download CAD App for iPad
Download CAD App for iPad

Specifications of CAD App for iPad

The key specifications for CAD App iOS are listed below

Application Name: CAD
Developer: Plugworks Inc
Version: 1.9.11
Categories: Productivity
Languages: English
File size: 24.4 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Features of CAD App for iPad

The top features of CAD App iPad are listed below

Zoom & Pan: The CAD for iPad has intuitive the feature of Zoom & Pan, where you can use two fingers to zoom in and out of the drawing. Users can pan the Drawing just by dragging their finger. Then the Drawing will become larger than the iPad screen which allows you to export the projects as large as 170′ * 128′.

Take Images: The CAD App for iPad has a built-in camera to take pictures, and users can associate those images with their CAD Drawing. The built-in microphone will help the users to create and include audio annotations in their CAD drawings.

Undo & Redo: On CAD App, users can Undo all the way back to the beginning of their session and Redo to their current state.

Fine-tune controls: For the greater precision on CAD for iPad, every element has been fine-tuned with the numeric values.

Drawing and editing: CAD App for iPad has the feature of intuitive finger-based drawing and editing. Hence users can use their fingers to draw walls with their finger and then adjust them by just dragging or stretching them.

Exporting: Users can export their drawings either as PDF file or image File. The Drawings can be sent to any address via Email. If the users are in an area where there is no internet connection, they can save their Drawings as an image file in their iPad camera roll.

Joystick: It is a handy feature to rotate and move any elements in the drawing without fingers or typing in numbers. It is also a third alternative to move and turn elements, and it will be a handy feature for advanced users.

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Download CAD App for iPad

CAD App iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 6.0 and later.

Click here to Download CAD App for iPad

Screenshots of CAD App for iPad

Download CAD App for iPad
Download CAD App for iPad
Download CAD App for iPad
Download CAD App for iPad
Download CAD App for iPad
Download CAD App for iPad
Download CAD App for iPad
Download CAD App for iPad
Download CAD App for iPad
Download CAD App for iPad

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