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Sticky Notes for iPad Free Download: Sticky Notes is an amazing note-board application for the iOS platform. With the Sticky Notes iPad app, keeping all your notes and ideas is easy. Turn your iPad into a note-taking application easily with the download and installation of the Sticky Notes iPad app. It is one most notable productivity tools classified under the notes-taking applications. The Sticky Notes iPad app includes extensive note-taking functionality and is a handy tool to carry it on your iPad. You can post notes anywhere on your iPad screen with the Sticky Notes iPad app. All your note-taking needs will be absolutely satisfied with the Sticky Notes, and multi-touch enabled note-board. It is an amazing notebook for iOS platforms as it made keeping your notes, ideas, dreams, and memories right under your fingertip. Sticky Notes app for iPad is an all-one notes app that will let you jot down a memo, to-do lists, organize the brainstorm, and even enables you to save it for further references. You can create as many notebooks as you like to stay organized and productive. Sticky Notes will let you create notes in a colorful, fun, and tactile way. Express your ideas and thoughts as you wish as notes with a tap and stick them on your iPad screen with ease.

Download Sticky Notes for iPad

Sticky Notes iPad is an advanced productivity tool with which you can easily customize each of your pages. It includes the sticky note color, font, font size, and more. Add many pages according to your need for text or images and get a clean, clear overview of your ideas and thoughts. You can even save the bookmarks from the web in graphical form to view it at any glimpse at any time later. With the multi-touch gestures, you can express yourself or your ideas in the most fun, and fast way with the Sticky Notes iPad app. You could even choose from a host of beautiful backgrounds to make your notes look even more beautiful on the Sticky Notes app on iPad. You can just resize your notes by pinching it. With the voice dictation feature of Sticky notes, you can write without typing the notes. It is a simple yet useful app that will help you keep things organized in the better way possible as colorful sticky notes.

Sticky Notes for iPad – Specifications

Application Name: Sticky Notes
Developer: Tewks
Version: 3.3.5
Categories: Productivity
Languages: English (11 more)
File size: 18.3 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Features of Sticky Notes iPad

The top features of Sticky Notes Pad Download are listed below.

Create Beautiful Notes: With the Sticky Notes iPad app, you can create beautiful sticky notes to keep things organized like your thoughts, views, memories, and ideas as notes.

Express Yourself: Sticky Notes app on iPad gives you a simple way to think, organize, and thus express yourself privately. Create a note accordingly and stick it on your iPad screen.

Customize Pages: Download Sticky Notes for iPad to add pages with text and images. You can customize and arrange your thoughts, ideas, and todos with the different colors, sizes, fonts, and layouts.

Bookmarks: You can save bookmarks from the web in a graphical form for instant and fast lookup sometimes later. With multitouch gestures, you can express yourself in the most fun and fastest way.

Backgrounds: Sticky Notes iPad app lets you choose from numerous backgrounds and thus lets you add more color and brightness to all your notes.

Screen Mode: You can hold your device just the way you want to see and add notes. Sticky Notes iPad app supports both landscape and portrait mode.

Multitouch: It is all the way easy to move multiple items around the screen at once by just dragging as the Sticky Notes iPad app supports multitouch.

Customize Notes: You can keep reminders, memories, or thoughts as beautiful notes and Sticky Notes lets you create texts using multiple colors and many fonts.

Save Notes: You can save your notes to the photos, email, print, and thus them in the most efficient way as with the best productivity tool.

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Download Sticky Notes for iPad

Sticky Notes app iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here to Download Sticky Notes App for iPad.

Screenshots of Sticky Notes for iPad

Download Sticky Notes for iPad
Download Sticky Notes for iPad
Download Sticky Notes for iPad
Download Sticky Notes for iPad
Download Sticky Notes for iPad

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