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Apple Health App for iPad Free Download: Apple Health App for iPad | Apple Health App iPad is an amazing health app to learn and maintain your health. Download Apple Health App for iPad Free. The Apple Health App iPad is the simple application tool that makes it easy for you to learn about your health and thereby start reaching your goals. It will efficiently consolidate all your health data from different iOS devices or third-party apps you are already using as to make you see all your health progress from one convenient place. The Apple Health App iPad will highlight four major categories of your health like Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness, and Nutrition as each of them plays an important role in the health of a person. With the Activity, Apple Health App will motivate you by showing you how much you have moved. i.e., the number of steps you moved, walked, or the distance travelled. It is a must for anyone to get a good night’s sleep to repair and restore the body. Getting into the bed and waking up at the same time brings positive effects and with the Apple Health App, you will get into a healthier sleep routine as it integrates well even with the third-party sleep accessory.

Download Apple Health App for iPad
Download Apple Health App for iPad

Apple Health App iPad download lets you experience the mindfulness by relieving the stress and improving your overall health. Thus you can decompress and stay centred all throughout your day with the help of Apple Health App iPad. Let it be anything you count from carbs, calories, to caffeine, and other important nutritional metrics, it is easy to manage your goals or watch exactly what you eat right with this health app. The Apple Health iPad App lets you keep tabs on a wide array of data that matters to you like your blood pressure and blood glucose measurements in a way to record your weight and reproductive health. With this health app, all your health and fitness information is kept under your control all in one place right under your fingertips. With a password, you can even let your information to be accessed by other apps from here without any hassle or complications. Thus, Apple Health App download iPad takes utmost care on your health both mentally and physically as with its lots of advanced options.

Specifications of Apple Health App for iPad

Application Name: Apple Health App
Developer: Apple Inc.
Version: 3.0
CategoriesHealth & Care
Languages:  English
File size: 2.9 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 and later.

Features of Apple Health App for iPad

The salient features of Apple Health App iPad are listed below

Learn About your Health: Apple Health App iPad lets you look forward to your health and with which you will be able to learn, manage, and keep track of your health to reach the goals

Different Categories: With the Apple Health app, you will be getting highlights in four categories like Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness and Nutrition all at one place under your fingertips on the iPad device.

Today’s View: With the Today view feature of the Apple Health App, you will be able to see all your health statistics at a glance to help you stay on track.

Activity: Get to view how much you have moved by running, walking, steps and distance travelled as with the help of the Activity feature of the Apple Health iPad app with ease to keep track of exercise and your all-day calorie burn.

Sleep: With the Apple Health App, you can get involved in a healthier sleep routine to restore and repair your body. Improve yourself by sleeping at the same time every night.

Mindfulness: You can relieve stress to improve your overall health by taking a deep breath and relaxing. You can be able to see how much time you have spent being mindful as with the Apple Health App iPad download.

Nutrition: Count each of your carbs, calories, caffeine or a host of other important nutritional metrics to easily manage your goals and see exactly what you eat or what nourishment you need with the Apple Health App iPad.

Track More: Apart from this, you can keep track of a wide array of data including Heart, Body Measurements, your Reproductive Health, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose using the Apple Health app.

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Download Apple Health App for iPad

Apple Health iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

You can download Apple Health for iPad from the home site (

Screenshots of Apple Health App for iPad

Download Apple Health App for iPad
Download Apple Health App for iPad
Download Apple Health App for iPad
Download Apple Health App for iPad
Download Apple Health App for iPad
Download Apple Health App for iPad

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