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Paintbrush for iPad | Paintbrush iPad is an outstanding painting application. With Paintbrush for iOS, you can paint, draw, scribble, and sketch. Use your fingers or the painting tools available in the app to let out your creativity. Paintbrush is an excellent painting app classified under photo & video section. The painting app suits all age group people from kid to adults. It is also a fantastic stress burner that makes you entertained in every other way. Paintbrush iPad is a simple to use and attractive free painting app that lets you select Brush colour, Background colour, Brush Stroke size and more. With the use of a paintbrush, fingerpaint, rubber, colour palette, area selector, and more you will be finding how easy the painting is on your iPad. Makes your drawing look extra beautiful with the special drawing effects included in the brushes like embossing, spraying, outer spraying, dotted, shape and more.

Download Paintbrush for iPadDownload Paintbrush for iPad
Download Paintbrush for iPad

Painting and drawing your imagination is made easy at anywhere anytime with the simple and convenient interface of the Paintbrush iPad. You can easily adjust the brush settings like the spacing, jitter, scatter and more. Paintbrush iPad app is just like the blank canvas where you can draw your pictures, scribble your imagination and colour them to make it look attractive. Import and export your drawing as JPEG, PNG, and Photoshop files. You can quickly save your painting and drawings on your iPad. Share your creativity in the form of painting with your friends in social networking sites like Facebook, Email, Whatsup, Wechat, Twitter and more.

Specifications of Paintbrush for iPad

The key specifications for Paintbrush iOS are listed below

Application Name: Paintbrush
Developer: Ishay Weinstock
Version: 1.0.1
Categories: Photo & Video
Languages:  English
File size: 7.9 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later

Features of Paintbrush

The salient features of Paintbrush iPad are listed below

All-in-One Painting App: Get yourself perfectly entertained with this all-in-one painting app. The Paintbrush iPad lets you do brush painting, watercolour painting, oil painting, finger painting, and so on.

Paint Toolbox: You can use the toolbox features like the paintbrush, colour palette, area selector, rubber, and little more from the Paintbrush iPad app to make your painting and drawing look beautiful.

Transparent Colour Selection: It is easy to remove the background colour automatically. You can also select from different background colours for your drawing.

Advanced Brushes: Choose from the pixel-based brushes to paint your picture. You can zoom in to any size to get a perfect edge for drawing.

Infinite Canvas Size: Like sketching on the paper, you can create artwork without any size restrictions with the infinite canvas of the Paintbrush iPad app.

Unlimited Undo’s & Redo’s: You can make unlimited undo’s and redo’s with this Paintbrush iPad, and you can make changes whenever you want.

Import & Export: It is easy to import and export your drawing as native Brushes 3 files, JPEG, PNG, and Photoshop files. Share it with others on social media.

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Download Paintbrush for iPad

Paintbrush iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 5.0 and later.

Click here to Download Paintbrush App for iPad

Screenshots of Paintbrush for iPad

Download Paintbrush for iPad
Download Paintbrush for iPad
Download Paintbrush for iPad
Download Paintbrush for iPad

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