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WinZip for iPad is the excellent File Compressing Application. WinZip iPad is the world’s number one Zip application for iOS. WinZip iOS is used by millions of people to compress their valuable files. WinZip for iOS is mainly helpful when you are sending and receiving documents and large image files. You can compress almost any file with this application, which saves your data and time too! The app allows you to handle Zip and RAR files on your iPad, iPhone or even iPod Touch. You can use this application for downloading the Zip or RAR file as an email attachment. You can also download the Zip contents from the internet and open it with the application. The app interface allows you to unlock the Zip and RAR files from the web with the Open with option. The app interface is designed to support the AirDrop feature so that you can share the files with your friends quickly with the AirDrop. The app interface is designed much simple, which allows you to handle the application easily. You can quickly browse the email compressed attachments by Open with WinZip option. The app can handle major compressed file types and Uncompress it in no time. This is the must-have app for one who frequently sends and receives files through the internet.

Download WinZip for iPad
Download WinZip for iPad

WinZip for iOS has the most secured interface in which you can protect the application from others by creating a password for it. You can even make the app uniquely protected by the cool fingerprint support, in which you can unlock the app by a single touch. The app interface displays the contents of your ipad in category wise. You can also view the content details like file type and its size using the dedicated file manager.

Specifications of WinZip for iPad

Application Name: WinZip
DeveloperWinZip Computing LLC
Version: 4.8
Categories: Utilities
Languages English, French
File size: 46.2 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 and later.

Features of WinZip for iPad

The salient features of WinZip iPad are listed below

File Types: WinZip iOS supports almost all types of compressed files, which includes doc, .docx, .pages, .ppt, .pptx .numbers, .xls, .xlsx, pdf, .jpg, .key, bmp, .gif, .rtf, . .png, ..tif, and many more.

Media Files: The app interface allows to view the media files easily, the media files includes, .m4a, .mp3, .wav, .mov and .mp4,

Zip Cloud Storage: WinZip for iPad allows you to Zip your cloud storage files and saves them easily. This makes easy to upload the files with the low data cost.

High Compression: The WinZip compressed your files with the high compression ratio, in which you can get the files with very low in size. You can transfer those data or send to others without taking much time.

File Manager: The app interface provides you with the built-in file manager, in which you can easily view your files and compress them when needed.

Secured: The app interface is designed with much secure, in which you can protect the application with a password, or you can even lock the application with your unique fingerprint. You can access the application whenever you want with just a single touch on the home button or your iPad.

Cloud Access: The app interface displays the cloud storage in the menu, in which you can easily open, view and compress your cloud files in no time.

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Download WinZip for iPad

WinZip for iPad is compatible with the iOS versions of 7.0 and later.

Click the link below to Download WinZip for iPad

What’s New in WinZip for iPad Version 1.2

  • Open the Current Zip file added.
  • You can access the recently used Zip files with the help of Roaming feature, in a single tap.
  • Password lock and Touch ID verification added.
  • Support for the Dropbox API’s added.

Screenshots of WinZip for iPad

Download WinZip for iPad
Download WinZip for iPad
Download WinZip for iPad
Download WinZip for iPad
Download WinZip for iPad
Download WinZip for iPad
Download WinZip for iPad
Download WinZip for iPad
Download WinZip for iPad
Download WinZip for iPad

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