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Wallet for iPad is a finance managing application. Download Wallet for iPad Free. It is an advanced technology where you can carry your wallet that filled with card and cash with your driving license and more professional stuff. In upcoming days all your data may be stored in a single chip and stamped it in your hand. Then the transition process of the app has been started, and it is going for a long time. The Wallet iPad app is like LastPass app, which can able to store all details of your credit cards, memberships, insurance forms, and it has more professional things in the digital form all can be accessed with one password. Then the Wallet application was updated on last February, and it developed by the inspiration of from iOS7 flat look, and it feels the same. The developer prefers the design of the application, and it looks like the old version, but it is bit heavy and thick. The Wallet application starts with a welcome screen, which will take you via motion and if you know about the app you can directly move to login spot and signup with the fresh account it is just a few second process with that you can start using the app. The tab bar of the app looks decent at the bottom, but the tab will move away when you tap the add new button. It will make a confusing experience.

Download Wallet for iPad
Download Wallet for iPad

In the Wallet iPad app, has Notes tab feature here you can view all the saved items, according to its categories such as bank account, credit card, database, driver’s license, social security, passport, and much more. The counter of the application is quite intuitive, and the app will not take you to the Add New tab by default. The search bar of the app located on the top and the feature is quite really necessary, but the user hardly uses the feature. So download Wallet on your iPad and experience the features.

Specifications of Wallet for iPad

Application Name: Wallet
Developer: PNC Bank, N.A
Version: 6.1.0
Categories: Finance
Languages: English
File size: 48.2 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Features of Wallet

The salient features of Wallet iPad are listed below

Quick View: The Wallet Application that helps you to view the money bar with that you can estimate the budget of the upcoming week. Here you can also see the amount that you spend in last week where you can view the last five transactions.

Calendar: With the help of the calendar feature you can able to view all your schedules for payment and the money transfer details. Then here you can also see the transaction history, paydays, reserve items, Danger Days of the month and it all the details can view in date wise.

Account Details: In the app, it helps you to view the scheduled payments, wish list and reserved details. Here you can slide the Moey bar for your fund transfer between the Spend and Reserve accounts. Then use the Transfer Fund option to transfer your funds from Spends to Reserve which helps you in Growth Account.

The activity of Account: In the app, you can view the history of all your Spend, reserve and the Growth Accounts with that you have to link your Credit Card.

Mobile Deposit: Then here you can use your camera iPad with that you can easily deposit your cheques. So you no need to go to bant for every session.

Bill Payments: With the help of Wallet app if you make the payment once because all details of the payment to the biller are already set up in the app.

Social Integration: Basically, the application integrated with Social Networks such as Facebook posts, Tweets and YouTube videos with this you can view the latest views of the app.

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Download Wallet For iPad

Wallet iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here to Download Wallet App for iPad

What’s New in Wallet For iPad Version 6.1.0

  • Now you can see completed Wish List Items with dollars.
  • Now you can add bill payments, pre-authorized transactions, paydays from your calendar.
  • Preference for Recent Transactions and it will get saved automatically.
    Improved performance by fixing bugs.

Screenshots of Wallet

Download Wallet for iPad
Download Wallet for iPad
Download Wallet for iPad
Download Wallet for iPad
Download Wallet for iPad
Download Wallet for iPad
Download Wallet for iPad
Download Wallet for iPad
Download Wallet for iPad
Download Wallet for iPad

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