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Unzip for iPad is the most advanced File Compressing Application. Unzip iPad is one of the best Unzip tools which is used by a vast number of people. Unzip iOS is used by more than 5000,000 number of devices. Unzip is the best tool for compressing your files with the least size. Unzip for iOS supports almost all compression formats, which include Zip,7z, Un7z, UnRAR, and Unzip. The app interface allows you to access the cloud storage including Dropbox and Box. The app interface has a built-in office file viewer, which will enable you to access any documents. The app interface is designed with the file manager which allows you to view, copy, paste and move the files on the iPad. The app has a dedicated media player which allows you to play the media contents easily, So you don’t have to go back to the media players to play the files. You can directly Unzip and play the files in no time. The app has the best integration with other applications which allows you to Unzip the files from other applications too. You can also decompress the 7z file with this app. This app reduces the time and costs in looking for the various software for compressing and uncompressing of files.

Download Unzip for iPad
Download Unzip for iPad

Unzip for iOS is the all in one file compression app which satisfies your every need in the compression of files. The app interface allows you to compress files and even folders quickly. You can open files and extract them even it is in other compressed formats. You can directly send and download files from the cloud storage devices, including Dropbox and Box. You can also import the images from the camera roll to the built-in file manager.

Specifications of Unzip for iPad

Application Name: Unzip
Developertao xu
Version: 2.7
Categories: Utilities
Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
File size: 49.2 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 and later.

Features of Unzip for iPad

The salient features of Unzip iPad are listed below

Cloud Access: Unzip for iPad allows you to access the cloud storage, with the dedicated option built-in with the application. This feature allows you to compress your cloud files without any hassle.

Supports Documents: The app interface designed to support the documents and PDF files, So you can directly uncompress the file and view it in the app without any third-party software.

File Manager: Unzip iPad has the file manager, in which you can manage the files within the application, You can create new folders or even organise the files in the existing folders. The interface allows you to move, rename and delete files easily.

Open In: The open In a feature of the application allows you to open the file in another app. It is a useful feature when dealing with the different file formats.

Import: You can easily import the images and other media contents from the camera roll to your Unzip application and efficiently compress them in no time.

Secured: You can also lock the application and even files with the unique passcode. This helps you to prevent your confidential files from unwanted access.

Email: The app interface allows you to send the file via email directly with the dedicated sharing option.

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Download Unzip for iPad

Unzip for iPad is compatible with the iOS versions of 9.0 and later.

Click the link below to Download Unzip for iPad

What’s New in Unzip for iPad Version 2.7

  • Optimized for iOS11
  • OneDrive login issue has been fixed
  • Box issue has been fixed
  • Bug fixes are made

Screenshots of Unzip for iPad

Download Unzip for iPad
Download Unzip for iPad
Download Unzip for iPad
Download Unzip for iPad
Download Unzip for iPad
Download Unzip for iPad
Download Unzip for iPad
Download Unzip for iPad

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