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Traktor DJ for iPad | Traktor DJ iPad is the best DJ app for iPad. With Traktor iOS, you can create stunning mixes on your iPad within the fraction of seconds. Traktor for iPad is the world’s first professional DJ software for iOS developed by the Native Instruments GmbH. With the help of the familiar hand gestures, Traktor iPad App brings you the powerful DJ Mixing application on your iPad. By using your hand gestures, touch and manipulate your, music as a waveform on your iPad device. Traktor DJ iPad App has an integration with iTunes to turn your iPad into a virtual package and track syncing is very easy in Traktor DJ iOS with the help of the auto tempo detection. The Traktor DJ for iPad comes with two advanced features of channel mixer and virtual decks, and each has dedicated 3-band EQ and filter sections. These two features will help you to create stunning and fluid mixes with ease. The super slicer in Traktor DJ App will help you to slice and deconstruct your loops with the features like Brake, Reverse, Scratch, PItch-shift effects and much more. Users can manage the detailed waveforms intuitively with the help of the familiar swipe and pinch gestures. It also has another advanced feature called “Freeze Mode” which helps you to split a single track into multiple tracks.

Download Traktor DJ for iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPad

Initially, Traktor for iPad has an integration with Dropbox, and now it is replaced by the iCloud Drive. With the help of the integration with iCloud Drive, users can back up the Hotcues, Beatgrids, BPM and key data of their tracks for future use. It also helps you to sync your Traktor app data on various devices. The split output feature in Traktor for iPad allows you to split your standard headphone as a cute on one side and master output on another side. Hence download Traktor DJ on your iPad to create stunning tracks and fluid mixes on your iPad.

Specifications of Traktor DJ for iPad

The key specifications of Traktor DJ iOS are listed below

Application Name: Traktor DJ
Developer: Native Instruments GmbH
Version: 1.6.8
Categories: Music
Languages: English
File size: 84.8 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.2 and later.

Features of Traktor DJ for iPad

The salient features of Traktor DJ iPad are listed below

Swipe & Pinch: With the help of familiar iOS swipe and pinch gestures, edit your loops with ease.

Mixer Layout: Traktor DJ iPad app has a familiar DJ mixer layout with features like 3-band EQ, filter and crossfader on every channel.

iTunes Integration: Traktor iOS app has an integration with iTunes, and hence the users can directly access their iTunes Music Library for their favourite tracks from the Traktor DJ App itself.

Waveform Display: The stylish waveform display will help the users to edit their loops with simple looping and ultra-tight scratching.

Integrated Browser: Traktor DJ for iPad has an inbuilt browser which recommends the songs based on the compatible tempo and key.

Super-smooth mixing: The automatic tempo and key detection with the BPM sync will help the users to create stunning mixes with ease.

Notification centre: The notification centre will provide access to tips and to find the techniques to edit the loop.

Pro DJ Effects: It has an 8 built-in Pro DJ effects like Delay, Reverb, BeatMasher and much more.

Audibus integration: The audio bus integration in Traktor DJ will help you to control the Traktor DJ with other compatible apps.

Inter-app audio: It helps the users to allow to stream their audio or mixes to other third-party apps for further process.

External mixer mode: It helps in sending the individual deck outputs to separate the mixer channels.

Flux Mode: It helps you to remix your tracks lively and then drop back in at exactly the right moment.

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Download Traktor DJ for iPad

Traktor DJ for iPad is compatible with the iOS versions of 8.2 and later.

Click here to Download Traktor for iPad

Screenshots of Traktor DJ for iPad

Download Traktor DJ for iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPad
Download Traktor DJ for iPad

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