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RTS Games for iPad Free Download: RTS Games for iPad | RTS Games iPad is one of the fast-paced real-time strategy game for the iOS platform. Downlod RTS Games for iPad Free. RTS Games iPad app is an award-winning real-time strategy and is the newest game of the famous series. You will get immersed in the fierce battles where the game is set in a fictional woodland world in which the armies of the mushroom will face off in dynamic RTS battles. As the player of RTS Games iPad, you need to pick one the heroes, characters with unique abilities. Now you need to lead the mushroom armies, command them and take control of the battlefield with a wide range of multiplayer modes or through the single-player mode. RTS Games multiplayer mode features leagues, ranked matches and award system whereas the single-player campaigns come with customizable difficulty settings. You can take the journey of mighty hero characters from across the story-driven campaign of brave Mushroom tribes, and take even wilder competitive multiplayer and co-operative modes. With the simple, intuitive controls, and the gamepad support, you will be able to learn the ropes of mushroom warfare easily.

Download RTS Games for iPad
Download RTS Games for iPad

RTS Games for iPad is an award-winning critically acclaimed RTS built upon the core gameplay experience, and it has made the original Mushroom wars game an enjoyable one. The heroes of the RTS Games serve as the leaders to your strategic on-slaught and thereby lending you with a set of unique abilities to unleash as you see fit. So you can choose the best hero who fits your play style from the available four different tribes including Shrooms, Proteus Aliens, Shii’Mori Amazons, and Grim Necromancers. Each character has got different skills attributable to his specific tribe and applies to a certain territory or certain buildings. As a player of RTS Games iPad app, you can control the armies via dynamic short-session matches, capturing buildings of the opponents with strategic resource management, fast reflexes, and the ability to oversee thousands of units at once. Building upon the core gameplay, RTS Games iPad app includes four campaign episodes where one for each tribe of mushroom folk, and competitive multiplayer for up to four people with the two-player cooperative mode.

RTS Games for iPad – Specifications

Application Name: RTS Games
DeveloperZillion Whales
Version: 2.2.2
Categories: Games
Languages: English
File size: 755.6  MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.1 or later.

Features of RTS Games iPad

The top features of RTS Games iPad Download are listed below

Four Campaign Episodes: RTS Games iPad app features an episode for each tribe of Mushroom folk like the brave Shrooms, alien Proteus, amazonian Shii’Moris, necromantic Grims. There are more than 50 missions in each episode.

All-New Heros: The players have to choose any one of the several hero characters from the available four mushroom tribes as they have come with unique abilities. You can easily choose the one who best fits your play style with RTS Games.

Fair Competitive Multiplayer: Play the leagues with an award system in the RTS Games. The ranked matches will make for fierce competition in up to four-player battles.

Wilder Co-Op Game: Get the wilder cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes support for up to 4 players, including 2v2 with the new series of RTS Games for iPad app.

Shorter Battles: RTS Games iPad app download features short-session battles with up to thousands of Mushroom troops. The online-ranked matches have come with league system.

Single Player Mode: The single player mode features a story-driven campaign with more than100 missions complete, hardcore boss fights. You can customize difficulty settings for more tailored adventure.

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Download RTS Games for iPad

RTS Games app iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.1 and later.

You can download RTS Games App for iPad from the home site (www.kongregate.com/rts-games).

Screenshots of RTS Games for iPad

Download RTS Games for iPad
Download RTS Games for iPad
Download RTS Games for iPad
Download RTS Games for iPad
Download RTS Games for iPad
Download RTS Games for iPad
Download RTS Games for iPad
Download RTS Games for iPad
Download RTS Games for iPad
Download RTS Games for iPad

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