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Stop Motion App for iPad Free Download: Stop Motion App for iPad | Stop Motion iPad App is a fantastic stop-motion moviemaking app. It is a professional stop-motion animation app which is simple to use right from the iPad. With Stop Motion iPad app, you can easily create beautiful stop-motion animated movies from anywhere instantly on the go. You no longer need to depend on the desktop computer to make a stunning stop-motion movie rather download Stop Motion App on your iPad to create it in minutes. You can make stop-motion animations with your iPad’s camera, a microphone along with your creativity and imagination. It is very easy to create terrific stop action movies with a whole host of unique features available from the Stop Motion app. The subjects are physically manipulated to move on its own without much complications as with the download and installation of Stop Motion iPad app. Combining the individual frames to make it into an illusion of one continuous roll is all the way simple when you have Stop Motion App on your iPad.

Download Stop Motion App for iPad
Download Stop Motion App for iPad

With the simple and intuitive to use interface, Stop Motion simplifies stop-movie making really easy right on your device.  It has all the features that are needed by the pupils to creatively execute their movie making without having to struggle with the complicated software. With Green screen, it is easy to explore the furthest reaches of their imagination. The audio recording feature of the Stop Motion iPad download will let you add your own narrations and thus giving the movie with more deeper learning value. Stop Motion Animation App also features other features like grid mode, integrated movie editor, overlay mode, automatic capture, movie effects, green screen, themes and more.

Stop Motion App for iPad – Specifications

Application Name: Stop Motion App
DeveloperCateater LLC
Version: 8.4.1
CategoriesPhoto & Video
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese
File size: 57 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Features of Stop Motion App iPad

The top features of Stop Motion iPad Download are listed below.

Create Stop Action Movies: With Stop Motion App, you can easily create terrific stop-action animated movies instantly using the host of unique features.

Capture: You can capture images easily from automatic or full manual control of camera settings. It may be anything like focus, exposure, ISO and white balance. Capture images in 4K or you can use a live green screen effect of Stop Motion App.

Live View Support: Use your DSLR camera for live view and capturing images. You can easily control shutter speed, ISO, and aperture easily using the Stop Motion App.

Movie Editor: It is easy to cut, copy, paste, insert and delete frames easily. The frame-by-frame images taken in the chronological order will be displayed much like a single frame of a movie. Zoom in or out on the timeline view, and you will never miss any frames.

Composition Guides: By using the Grid and Onion Skin controls, you can position the animated objects more easily and precisely. Besides this, you can define aspect ratio masks and TV-safe guides using the Stop Motion Animation App.

Sound Effects: Add great sound effects at any position in your movie virtually by choosing music and sound. You can even add music from your own song library or record audio or voice over directly to your movie.

Paint: Download Stop Motion app to color your movie using different paint tools or paint directly on the image. It may be something like you can draw a laser sword to a figure or fireworks in the sky.

Magic Eraser: Use the magic eraser to magically remove all those unwanted parts of the image like a string used to hang objects with Stop Motion App for iPad free download.

Themes: Use different themes, text cards to add movie titles and credits to your movie. You can customize movie name, cast members, credits, and titles and more like movie effect.

Share Movies: You can publish your movies directly to the YouTube, Facebook, DropBox or iCloud. You can transfer your movies to your desktop computer with ease using the Stop Motion app.

Export Movies: You can export your movie up to 4K UHDTV quality or as an animated GIF. Export it to a square format for social media apps like Facebook or Instagram using the Stop Motion app.

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Download Stop Motion App for iPad

Stop Motion iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here to Download Stop Motion for iPad.

Screenshots of Stop Motion App for iPad

Download Stop Motion App for iPad
Download Stop Motion App for iPad
Download Stop Motion App for iPad
Download Stop Motion App for iPad
Download Stop Motion App for iPad
Download Stop Motion App for iPad
Download Stop Motion App for iPad
Download Stop Motion App for iPad

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