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Rome Total War for iPad is one of the best gaming apps. Download Rome Total War for iPad Free. Rome Total War iPad is an effective, high-quality game of historical strategy and tactics. In the game, you have to lead your army for the battle for the glory of Rome, where you have to manage all the political positions, and that ensures the success of your house. In the game Rome Total war for iOS you can able to recreate a great period of expansion of the Roman Empire. As head, you have to lead in front to reach the destiny of your city with that you should try to expand your territories by managing all the internal politics and struggles to avoid being knocked out of your power. The game designed with great historical accuracy, and it is the wonder of the game with that it places a landmark in the history of strategy games.  The ar methods of Rome Total war is simply exciting, and it is similar to Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings, so you can able to manage all the constructions and development of your territories easily. It is not like other historical games because it is real tactical combat. Once the fight begins, you can able to change the display to view the battlefield, so you can directly give the orders.

Download Rome Total War for iPad
Download Rome Total War for iPad

Rome Total War is one of the great innovation that helps you to encourage all the complex and exciting battles, and it has nothing to envy in the most advanced real-time strategy of the game. The graphics of the application is quite amazing it shows the historical Rome, and it is the benchmark of this strategy game. Then maps of the games are certainly impressive. So Download Rome Total War on your iPad and experience the features.

Specifications of Rome Total War for iPad

The key specifications for Rome Total War iOS are listed below

Application Name: Rome Total War
Developer: Feral Interactive Ltd
Version: 1.7.3
Categories: Games
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish.
File size: 4.03 GB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Features of Rome Total War

The salient features of Rome Total War iPad are listed below

Touch Controls: In the Roman Total War app you can control all the features by touching on it and by moving your finger on the map. Then the controls and the moving path of the troops are based on your drawing path, and you can use some units for interaction for the peaceful settlement otherwise with that you can able to threaten the enemies troop. Then we can bring all these controls to the battlefield, so the more paly can draw the path o their troop in the combat.

Interface: The application developed with a beautiful historical view, and it is quite User-Friendly. Rome Total War for iPad offers you an ample amount of power to manage all your burgeoning empire. In the beginning, they will use all the available screen space to show the troop big with that you can organise everything intuitively.

Art: In the game, we game we do not get any redo artwork for this game. So all the users of the Rome Total War get excited about the opportunities that were given by the game. Then they worked with the team of some talented artists with that here some of the artists have some art for Creative Assembly of the war game. The art of the game is always something special, but the User Interface of the app is a bit old.

Battle: The application developed with some of the tactical components, and it also likes real-time battlefield stimulation. Then in the game, you can able to command individually for every unit till the smallest that where they go and who they attack. In the game you can able to view the battle at the bird’s eye level otherwise you can able to zoom certain part of the action. The attention in the battle is high, and it gives a clear Feral to the soldiers.

Alternate Options: Then the game has some other manging options apart from the campaign mode. Here you step into for play or move a side of the historic battle. The major features the game are Rome versus in that one of the feature might be adversaries. In that, you have a quick battle option that instantly takes you to the deployment phase.

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Download Rome Total War for iPad

Rome Total War iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 6.0 and later.

Click here to Download Rome Total War App for iPad

Screenshots of Rome Total War

Download Rome Total War for iPad
Download Rome Total War for iPad
Download Rome Total War for iPad
Download Rome Total War for iPad
Download Rome Total War for iPad
Download Rome Total War for iPad
Download Rome Total War for iPad
Download Rome Total War for iPad
Download Rome Total War for iPad
Download Rome Total War for iPad

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