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Colorfy for iPad | Colorfy App iPad is an entertainment app that lets you enjoy colouring book. Download Colorfy for iPad Free. Coloring pictures is no more a childhood activity now as with the Colorfy for iOS. The app works great for both adults as well as children. Studies shown colouring pictures reduces stress and relaxes the mind and body of a person. With hands-on smart devices like iPad, one need not depend on the colouring books instead download the Colorfy. You can fill colours to the images with a tap-to-fill option. Also, you can colour as like you do on the paper. With this Colorfy, you no longer need to do only a tap-to-fill colouring, unlike other entertainment based Colorfy. Get the ultimate realistic colouring experience as with this app on your iOS. You can choose from a wide range of colouring tools including colour pencil, marker, paintbrush, metallic brush, watercolour brush, airbrush, oil brush and more. There is an unlimited number of colours, or you can choose your palette and tap to colour over it with any of the tools. The Colorfy supports your finger, Apple Pencil, and other third-party stylus inputs to colour the picture. Colour pictures with designs of the mandala, florals, animals, cats, gardens, patterns, famous paintings and much more.

Download Colorfy for iPad
Download Colorfy for iPad

Get to choose from thousands of pictures available for free to paint from the Colorfy for iPad. You will have opportunities to get inspired with the colouring of great artists from within the app. Add filters and let your artwork looks even more colourful. The Colorfy for iPad even has an advanced option with which you can share your work with whoever on the social networking applications. The one main advantage of this Colorfy is it works even in offline.

Specifications of Colorfy for iPad

The key specifications for Colorfy iOS are listed below

Application Name: Colorfy
Developer: Fun Games For Free
Version: 4.7.1
Categories: Entertainment
Languages:  English
File size: 113 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Features of Colorfy for iPad

The salient features of Colorfy for iPad are listed below

Best Coloring Book: Colorfy for iPad is the best free colouring book that lets you enjoy colouring different pictures using different varieties of tools.

Perfect Stress Reliever App: Get out of all your stress and relax both your mind and body by focusing on finding the right colour. Let your hands-on colouring different pictures with colours with the Colorfy.

Easy to Color: Choose from an unlimited number of colours to let out your creativity in colouring. Also, you can choose your palette or merely tap to colour.

Colorfy for the Entire Family: The Colorfy iPad suits for all your colouring needs. It can be used by both your children and you as it the best entertainment app.

Different Coloring Tools: You can choose from a wide range of colouring tools like coloured pencil, paintbrush, marker, fill, fade, bloom, airbrush, circle brush, metallic brush, watercolour brush, oil brush, and more.

Different Coloring Methods: With Colorfy iOS, you can use either your finger or Apple Pencil or a third-party stylus inputs to colour the pictures.

Different Types of Pictures: Get yourself involved in colouring designs like mandala, florals, patterns, cats, animals, gardens, famous paintings.

Share Your Work with Others: With Colorfy for iPad, you have got an option to share all your artworks and paintings as photos with others through social networking apps and photography apps.

Add Filters: Make your drawings and paintings look more beautiful and stunning with the filter and effects option available in the Colorfy.

Color & Paint Offline: Browse and colour your pictures without internet connection to relax on the best colouring book with this Colorfy.

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Download Colorfy for iPad

Colorfy iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here toDownload Colorfy App for iPad

What’s New in Colorfy for iPad Version 4.7.1

  • Fixed all minor bugs.

Screenshots of Colorfy for iPad:-

Download Coloring App for iPad
Download Colorfy for iPad
Download Colorfy for iPad
Download Colorfy for iPad
Download Colorfy for iPad
Download Colorfy for iPad
Download Colorfy for iPad
Download Colorfy for iPad
Download Colorfy for iPad
Download Colorfy for iPad

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