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Monopoly for iPad | Monopoly iPad is a classic board game for iPad. Monopoly for iOS is a game where the players will roll the two six-sided dice to move around the game-board to develop their houses and hotels by buying and trading the properties. With MonoPoly iOS, players can also collect rent from their opponent player, with the aim of driving them into bankruptcy. In this board game, the money will be gained or lost through the tax squares, chance, and community chest cards. Finally, the players will end up in jail, and they cannot move until they have met one of several conditions. In addition to a lot of spin-offs, Monopoly for iPad has several house rules, and hundreds of different editions exist. Monopoly for iOS has become a popular game around the world, having been locally licensed in more than 103 countries, and it is available in more than 37 languages. On Monopoly game, buy up whole neighborhoods, charge rent, and view your empire grow. Overall, the game is all about making deals and making money; make sure that you don’t land in Jail.

Download Monopoly for iPad

The tabletop mode in Monopoly iOS free will help you to gather your family members and friends around the iPad, and you can use the customizable game rules in the game’s signature mode. The teacher mode will help you to play against the computer and to get tips & tricks to get the strategy in future games. Monopoly for iPad will deliver you a visually rich experience with striking animated elements. So Jump right into Monopoly for iPad with up to 3 other players in the Play Now mode or take play against in-game computer opponents featuring four levels of difficulty. You can also connect various devices to play up to 3 other players via local WiFi or Head-to-Head via Bluetooth connection.

Specifications of Monopoly for iPad

Application Name: Monopoly
Developer: Electronic Arts Inc
Version: 1.1.93
Categories: Games
Languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
File size: 980 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Features of Monopoly for iPad

The top features of Monopoly iPad are listed below

  • In Monopoly for iPad, select to wheel and make your way to success on any of the variety of Monopoly boards, from the classic to the World Edition board.
  • With this game, you can compete to own some of the most recognised cities and landmarks on the world as you make your way around the modern World Edition board.
  • Here you can play exciting mini-games which put your investment sense, business strategies, and sheer competitiveness to the test.
  • You can fill up your passport to unlock the new and modernized Monopoly boards.
  • Strategize your way to real estate success speedily in a new, super-fast version of the classic game.
  • On Monopoly, buy properties when you land on the ones that are not already owned.
  • The primary aim of this monopoly is simple: Make as much cash as you can. The more homes and hotels you have, the higher rent money you can collect.
  • Cha-ching – Every time someone lands on one of your properties, they pay you to rent.

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Download Monopoly for iPad

Monopoly iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here to Download Monopoly App for iPad

Techniques to Download Monopoly for iPad

First Technique: In the method, you can easily download your Monopoly for iPad free on your device just by clicking the above ” Download Link “ where you can quickly get the app on your iPad.

Monopoly for iPad
Monopoly for iPad

Second Technique: It is the second method to download Monopoly for iOS on your iPad, and by using this method, you can download any app on your device. To download the Monopoly iOS on your iPad just enter into your Apple AppStore, there you can see a search box which is located on the top of the screen that just type the app name and make a tap. The search results of the app will be displayed on the screen in that select your app and make a tap again labels will change into Download. To download the app, you have to enter your iTunes Account and Password and tap the OK button. It will get downloaded.

Third Technique: It is the third method to download Monopoly iOS on your iPad, and the method applies to all Apple devices. Here you can get the app on the Monopoly homepage. Then select your Apple device that you are going to download. On the home page of the application, you have many options to download your application in that you have to select your option to download, which is located in the middle of the screen. Once you click the download button, it will get automatically downloaded and installed on your iPad device.

Monopoly for iPad

Screenshots of Monopoly for iPad

Download Monopoly for iPad
Download Monopoly for iPad
Download Monopoly for iPad
Download Monopoly for iPad
Download Monopoly for iPad

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