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Kodi for iPad Free Download: Kodi iPad is an amazing multimedia application. Download Kodi for iPad Free. Kodi is one of the well-refined multimedia applications, and it is has developed as an evolution of technology. The application works as a bridge between multiple devices for streaming with that you can enjoy media almost on all your devices. The application designed for grabbing all your attention from the beginning, and the features of the application are quite pleasant, and it has the most beautiful default theme. Then it can be changed from settings with that you can able to visit the online library, and you can also take more files. The interface of the Kodi iOS application is quite intuitive with that it has an appealing design and the general configuration of the application is bit accessible it can also be done on touch-enabled devices, and it has large and clear buttons. The home screen of the application that provides all the link for quick access to all multimedia elements and you can choose the prefered location. The Kodi for iOS app will take some time to get familiar with design, controls and navigation, with that it will take some time to configure the collections. The app does not have any preset or dedicated Windows multimedia folders, and the selection in the application .is quite easy with more intuitive dialogue, and it is more flexible for the users. Then the app has better network location support; SAP streams UPnP devices and much more.

Download Kodi for iPad
Download Kodi for iPad

The Kodi iPad application has basic one type of media playback with that you can hear some music when you are viewing some collection of pictures. Here most of the playback options can be controlled rapidly through sliding panel according to your are. The application enhanced with solid playback in appearance, and it has some particular missing elements for your audio player such as equaliser.  Here videos can be played on other hands with more 3D stereoscopic features and the slideshow of the pictures can able to show some different transition effects. So download Kodi on your iPad and experience the features.

Kodi for iPad – Specifications

Application Name: Kodi
Version: 3.20
Categories: Entertainment
Languages: English, Albanian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
File size: 13.8 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.2 or later

Features of Kodi for iPad

The salient features of Kodi iPad are listed below

Music Support: The Kodi app can able to support for all sort of music formats such as FLAC, WMA and mp3 and the application is developed with cue sheet and its support for all tag reading with that you have a smart playlist with that you can control the ultimate playlist.

TV Shows: Then the library of TV shows are available in Kodi, and it will support all season views and episodes, with that it was tagged with all the posters, banners, description of shows and actors. Then the app can able to track all your daily progress.

Skin: The Skin feature of the application that helps the user to change the entire appearance of the Kodi application according to your convenience and whenever you need.

Images: The Kodi application that was allowing the user to import images into your library where it can be scanned for different use like slideshow with that you can easily filter the images with the help of remote control.

Movies: The application can able to support for all sort of video formats with that it can also do online streaming videos, and it lets you import the skin from others where you can enhance the performance of the movie collections easily.

Remote Access: The Kodi iPad Download app that allows the user to control the app with more than hundreds of remote controls, smartphones, tablets and CEC-compatible TVs.

PVR: The app that lets the user record all your favourite TV shows and it uses such a quite a simple interface, and it will always work with most traditional backends such as MediaPortal, NextPVR, MythTV, TVheadend and much more.

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Download Kodi for iPad

Kodi iPad Download is compatible with the iOS version of 8.2 and later.

Click here to Download Kodi App for iPad

What’s New in Kodi for iPad Version 3.20

  • Now can support for iOS 11.
  • Fixed bugs and it did not enter MAC address.

Techniques to Download Kodi on iPad

First Technique: It is one of the easiest ways to download Kodi ipad on your iPad device just by clicking the ” Download Link ” that given above. With the above link, you can able to easily download the app on your iPad quite easily. Kodi for iPad is an amazing entertaining app with that you can see all your favourite movies, TV shows and you can listen to all your favourite music. Here you can create your playlist, and it has the library for all TV shows, with that you can able to support for all sort for formats for movies and music and the skin can be easily changed by you whenever you need.

Download Kodi for iPad
Download Kodi for iPad

Second Technique: In the Technique, you can download your Kodi iOS app on your iPad directly from your Apple AppStore. For that first, you have to enter into the app store and type the app name in the search box that located on the top of the screen and make a tap. Kodi for iOS will show the search result below the box in that select your app and make a tap again it will change the labels to download. To download your app, you have to enter your iTunes account and password and make a tap on the Ok button it will get downloaded and installed automatically.

Download Kodi for iPad
Download Kodi for iPad

Third Technique: This is the third technique to download the app just by downloading the app from the Kodi homePage, and the method applies to all sort of Apple devices. To download the app just open the Kodi for iPad Download page in that you have many options that will be displayed just above the screen in that you have to select Download option which located at the right top corner of the screen. Then by clicking the option, you will get the app on your iPad, and it will get automatically installed on your iPad.

Download Kodi for iPad
Download Kodi for iPad

Screenshots of Kodi for iPad

Download Kodi for iPad
Download Kodi for iPad
Download Kodi for iPad
Download Kodi for iPad
Download Kodi for iPad
Download Kodi for iPad

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