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Jeppesen Charts for iPad is the powerful, complete electronic flight bag App. Jeppesen Charts iPad provides you with high-quality charting, which allows you to navigate accurately. Jeppesen Charts iOS provides you with the dynamic chart rendering and all the information you need to fly paperless. Jeppesen Charts for iOS gives you instant, direct, and reliable access to the en-route chart data, Airway Manual text, and terminal charts. The app interface offers you enough options for the display and loading of ATC-cleared routes. It provides you with the flight plan route integration, which helps you a lot for viewing the flight details priorly. The app interface offers support for the avionics hardware, which allows you to share the routes in no time. The app interface will enable you to save and duplicate the flights easily. You can easily share the flights between the iPad effortlessly. You can also search for the flight details in the dedicated search option provided with the application. The map section of the application renders with the SID and STAR transition points. You can quickly switch to the taxi charts on landing So that you don’t need to change to the third-party applications.

Download Jeppesen Charts for iPad
Download Jeppesen Charts for iPad

Jeppesen Charts for iOS provides you with a custom keyboard, which enables you to search for flights quickly and effortlessly. You can even switch the theme of the app to night mode, which provides you with the optimal view in low-light conditions. You can calculate the distance between the source and the destination virtually using the offset indicator. The application is designed for easy usage, so no one feels trouble while using this app.

Specifications of Jeppesen Charts for iPad

Application Name: Jeppesen Charts
Developer: Jeppesen
Version: 2.9.1
Categories: Navigation
Languages:  English
File size: 364.4 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 and later.

Features of Jeppesen Charts for iPad

The salient features of Jeppesen Charts iPad are listed below.

SID & STAR Transition: The Jeppesen Charts provides you with the transition points of SID & STAR, which are rendered on the map.

Automatic Switch: The app interface automatically switches to the taxi mode when landing. You don’t need to change it manually anymore.

Distance Calculation: You can quickly calculate the distances using the offset indicator.

Optional Night Theme: The app interface provides you with the optional night theme, which allows you to switch your Jeppesen Charts to the night mode whenever you want. It will be useful in low-light conditions.

Custom Keyboard: The Jeppesen Charts iPad Download delivers you with the Custom keyboard, in which you can type the flight details much more comfortably than ever. It allows you to type the details quickly.

Search: The app interface provides you with an option for searching the contents of the application.

Direct Access: You can easily access the  High IFR, Low IFR, and VFR en route themes directly.

Sharing: You can quickly make the flight sharing between the iPads in no time.

Route Sharing: The app interface allows you to share routings with your avionics hardware, which is entirely supported by the application.

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Download Jeppesen Charts for iPad

Jeppesen Charts for iPad is compatible with the iOS versions of 9.0 and later.

Click here to Download Jeppesen Charts App for iPad

What’s New in Jeppesen Charts for iPad Version 2.9.1

Fixed en route theme bugs.

Screenshots of Jeppesen Charts for iPad

Download Jeppesen Charts for iPad
Download Jeppesen Charts for iPad
Download Jeppesen Charts for iPad
Download Jeppesen Charts for iPad
Download Jeppesen Charts for iPad
Download Jeppesen Charts for iPad

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