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forScore for iPad | forScore iPad is the best multimedia music reader application. Download forScore for iPad Free. With the forScore for iOS, any musicians can take any number of scores pages on the go. You are any more organized as you are about to shelve those three-ring binders. forScore app functions primarily as a music library and reader for those who take music everywhere. The app lets you save some thousands of score pages, and you can even download any PDF file online quickly. Without forScore iPad, sheet music would have never been much better. The music reader does much more than everything you can do with the paper. Tag files using hundreds of keywords and different metadata with an intelligent music reader organization tool. Added, the arsenal of tools in the forScore iPad version will turn your practice into performance. You can quickly annotate, create setlists, add bookmarks, rearrange pages, play along to an audio track, and more. Annotate on your notes by your personal entertainment preferences like editing an unlimited number of drawing presets, adding text to your page with adjustable colours and sizes. You can even add common musical notation symbols with the unique stamps feature of the app. The adaptive caching of the forScore counts every millisecond and thus making your page turns instantaneously virtual.

Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad

The clean interface of the forScore app gives you quick access to all the tools. The Split View and Slide Over multitasking are made incredibly flexible. With the dynamic library organization, all your menu listings are always up-to-date. You no longer have to use your hands as the forScore for iPad has hands-free page turning option. Get zero visual interruption with half-page turns. Add files to your computer, link them to the cloud storage and export them as a PDF file.

Specifications of forScore for iPad

The key specifications for forScore iOS are listed below

Application Name: forScore
Developer: forScore
Version: 10.3.8
Categories: Multimedia
Languages: English, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Traditional Chinese
File size: 34.9 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Features of forScore

The salient features of forScore for iPad are listed below

Automatically Organized: forScore lets you add the files and folders by searching or browsing by metadata. The metadata may be anything like composer, genre, or key. They are always up to date as the menus are generated automatically.

Metadata: It is easy to add an unlimited number of comma-separated composers, genres, tags, labels to each of the scores in your library using forScore application.

Audio Tracks: Connect audio files with each score and play with the backing tracks. You can adjust their speed or pitch independently, play a specific portion on a loop, turn pages automatically by quickly and effectively.

Half-Page Turns: Get zero visual interruption by viewing the bottom half of the current page and top half of the next page with half-page turns. There is no need of scrolling and gimmicks with the forScore.

Easy to Handle Repeats: You can create a link between two pages of a score to handle repeats easily. Just tap on a link, and it will take you to the target page. It even shows a signal that flashes twice to show you exactly where to begin playing.

Annotations: It is even more natural to create annotations as you can create and edit any number of fully customizable drawing presets with the forScore iPad app.

Setlists & Bookmarks: With the Automatic organization of your library, it is easy to play add, rearrange them. The bookmarks will let you jump to a particular song quickly and is more than just references to a page.

Adaptive Caching: It is easy to cache the previous and next pages of your score up to twenty pages in either direction with the forScore app for iPad. The adaptive caching of the app uses every second of downtime to provide something better.

Dashboard: Keep track of how often you play the tracks with the Dashboard. forScore even collects information like what scores and setlists you are viewing and for how long.

Perfect View: Get a better view of your music by turning your iPad sideways. Just tap on the right side to scroll down, or tap again to turn the page. Get to view two pages side by side with forScore.

Multitasking: Use forScore and one another app side by side or get into another application with a quick swipe, and then you can jump back into the forScore with the support of multitasking interface of the app.

Tools: Get access to many tools like rearranging, buttons, libraries, darkroom, recording, piano, versions, consoles and more with the forScore iPad app.

Drag & Drop: Get more power at your fingertips to be contextual, smart, and puts back the focus without any interruptions as drag & drop taken the next level.

Share As PDF: forScore for iOS is designed with the support for the PDF file format. It is easy to transfer annotations, setlists, and more as PDF by linking it to the cloud via email, Bluetooth, AirDrop, or you can even print them out with AirPrint.

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Download forScore for iPad

forScore iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.0 and later.

Click here to Download forScore App for iPad

What’s New in forScore for iPad Version 10.3.8

  • The latest update they fixed all minor bugs and improved the performance.

Screenshots of forScore for iPad

Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad
Download forScore for iPad

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