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Finder for iPad | Finder iPad App is an all-in-all file manager and document viewer for iPad. Managing all your files on your iPad seems quite easy as with the Finder for iOS. Those who came from the Mac and Windows PC finds challenging to arrange the files and folders on iPad. As to make the life of iPad users more comfortable and let them reduce stress, a group of developers has built the Finder app. It is easy to manage and organize all your different types of documents on your iPad. The Finder iPad App is classified under the Productivity category, and it acts both as a file manager and document viewer that has the support for the gesture controls and touchscreen optimization. With this file manager app, you will get all the convenience and rich features of both the finder and explorer right on your iPad. The interface and the usability of the Finder iPad App are familiar, and it will also be same as that finder and explorer. So the app is designed in such a way with the mix of finder and explorer as to provide the Mac users with the features of Finder and the Windows PC users with the features of Explorer in one app. Finder iPad app has the support of several files extensions like Doc, Docx, JPEG, RTF, TXT, PNG, PDF, Web Pages, WAV,  Zip and more.

Download Finder for iPad
Download Finder for iPad

Finder iPad App lets you preview most of the file types easily with the built-in-file previewer. You can lock your important files and folders to prevent them from unauthorized access. Finder App lets you sort files based on different parameters like tags, file size, file types or date. Create custom shortcuts for files which you frequently use with Finder iPad App. Share your files via email, Facebook, twitter and many more. Sync your files on the cloud networks such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Sugar Sync easily for later access. Finder App iPad is not just a File Explorer, but it is a complete file or media organization tool with documents and excel file editing capabilities. The finder application has built-in Browser support and is preloaded with bookmarks. You can download files from the background with the built-in Search Integration with the Wikipedia, Google and Twitter.

Specifications of Finder for iPad

The key specifications for Finder iOS are listed below

Application Name: Finder
Developer: Appsicum
Version: 1.1
Categories: Productivity
Languages: English
File size: 12.9 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later

Features of Finder

The salient features of the Finder iPad are listed below

  • Finder App for iPad suits the best for those who store the file frequently or have switched from the desktop to iPad.
  • The finder app provides its user with features, interface and functionality of both the Finder and Explorer tools packed all-in-one app.
  • Get the older kind of finder-like interface with the gesture controls and touchscreen optimization with this Finder App.
  • Finder for iPad gives you the support of almost all file types like Doc, Docx, JPEG, MP4, MOV, PDF, PNG, RTF, TXT, Web Pages, WAV, 3GP, Zip, and many more.
  • There is a Built-in file previewer support available in the Finder app for most of the file types.
  • You can easily search and filter your files on this app based on the Tags, File Types, File Size, Date, Categories.
  • You can sort files on multiple sorting parameters at once instead rather than sorting them on just with the name or size or other parameters.
  • Easily sync your files on the cloud networks like Google Drive, Dropbox and SugarSync in the same interface.
  • Create custom shortcuts for files you use frequently and edit documents like Excel and other files types using Google Drive on the app.
  • You can create the filters and save them as a shortcut for easy access. It is a feature that works like the search folder in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Navigate quickly with the Functional Address or Breadcrumb bar of the Finder app. Make gesture-based copy/move/paste options for easy usage in the app.
  • With the inbuilt browser, you will be able to get the pre-loaded bookmarks and file download Manager.
  • The search function of the browser is integrated with Twitter, Wikipedia and Dictionary along with Google. Just type a word in your browser’s address bar and search for it directly on the Google, Wiki, Dictionary and Twitter.
  • Quickly lock your important files and folders for security purposes and prevent from third party unauthorized access.
  • Easily create your voice notes with this file manager app. The Download Manager supports background File downloading.
  • You can share your files over Wifi with the password protection mode enabled for an extra layer of security. With the Air Print Support, you can take a print out of the files over WiFI.
  • Categorize items like Microsoft Outlook quickly and use make use of the tags support for easy filtering.
  • There is a desktop-like status bar support available in your Finder app. Make use of the built-in Zip creation and extraction feature of the app.
  • You can share your files via email, Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking sites for later access right from the Finder iPad app.

Related Applications of Finder for iPad

This Post is about Finder for iOS Download, the related applications of Finder for iPad are listed below

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MS PowerPoint for iPad will let you view, edit or create impactful presentations in the form of the slide-based presentation format.

Word for iPad is a Word processor app to view, create and edit the documents from your iPad on the go.

Download Finder for iPad

Finder iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 6.0 and later.

Click here to Download Finder App for iPad

Screenshots of Finder for iPad

Download Finder for iPad
Download Finder for iPad
Download Finder for iPad
Download Finder for iPad
Download Finder for iPad
Download Finder for iPad
Download Finder for iPad
Download Finder for iPad
Download Finder for iPad
Download Finder for iPad

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