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Coupons for iPad is the fantastic Shopping Application. Coupons iPad allows you to manage all your grocery coupons right from your iPad. Coupons iOS enables you to access the coupons digitally, So you don’t have to rely on a printer. Coupons for iOS allows you to save $100s by providing free paperless grocery coupons at your favourite stores. You can link your loyalty cards to your and can add coupons with a tap. You can also get your money in the form of cashback, even if your store does not have a loyalty card, you can use your receipt instead. With this app, you can save a lot of time looking for a printer. You can also save all your favourite brands like Bounty, Kraft, Tide, Cheerios, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Betty Crocker, M&M’s, Campbell’s, Dole, Perdue, Crest, Pantene and much more. The app provides you with hundreds of free coupons by store, and you can add those coupons to your loyalty cards with few swipes and taps. The app enables you to have all your grocery savings paperless, So you don’t have to pick the scissors and ink. And you never worry about forgetting your coupons. If you are looking for grocery savings at stores like Walmart, Costco, Winn-Dixie, Target, Safeway, Sam’s Club, ShopRite and Dollar General the Coupons for iPad is the only app you need for all your grocery coupons, savings and deals.

Download Coupons for iPad
Download Coupons for iPad

Coupons for iOS provides you cash back offer via PayPal and there is no minimum balance required for the transaction. The app interface allows the user to clip the coupons, which is then organised by their favourite store. The app has a brilliant secured feature, which is secured by a one-time verification process. So wherever you go whatever you do your data will be secured.

Specifications of Coupons for iPad

Application Name: Coupons
DeveloperQuotient Technology Inc.
Version: 4.2.3
Categories: Shopping
Languages:  English
File size: 112 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 and later.

Features of Coupons for iPad

The salient features of Coupons iPad are listed below

More Coupons: Coupons iOS offers you with hundreds of free coupons in the store. The availability of more coupons can save your money a lot and you can get access to a variety of your favourite products.

Loyalty Cards: You can also add the coupons to your loyalty cards with a tap. The coupon added will be useful while shopping in the store.

Ease Of Use: The user interface of the app is designed very simple, this lets the user use the application easily.

Instant Savings: The Loyalty cards of the app gives you instant savings after your purchase.

Picture Your Receipt: Coupons for iPad interface allow you to picture your receipt and after the verification of the photo the app provides you cash via PayPal account.

No Minimum Amount: You can get cash back each time you submit a receipt, So there is no minimum amount required to get the money.

Get Emails: The app sends you mail to notify the new coupons once it is available, So you never miss a great coupon. You can always be provided with the new coupons in your inbox.

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Download Coupons for iPad

Coupons for iPad is compatible with the iOS versions of .0 and later.

Click the link below to Download Coupons App for iPad

What’s New in Coupons for iPad Version 4.2.3

  • Option added to Put your coupon back in your wallet if you submitted it accidentally
  • Enabled Login using shared web credentials
  • Compatible with iOS11
  • Bugs are fixed.

Screenshots of Coupons for iPad

Download Coupons for iPad
Download Coupons for iPad
Download Coupons for iPad
Download Coupons for iPad
Download Coupons for iPad
Download Coupons for iPad
Download Coupons for iPad
Download Coupons for iPad
Download Coupons for iPad
Download Coupons for iPad

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