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Clean Master for iPad | Clean Master iPad is a storage slimming utility app. Download Clean Master for iPad Free. Make your iPad free from the duplicate or junk photo and video files with the Clean Master for iOS. These junk or duplicate files are the ones that precisely occupies the most space in the device. Most often, any iOS user will feel the shortage in the device storage as a result. It also will automatically reduce the iPad’s running performance. To overcome these issues, any iOS user can download Clean Master app right from the App Store as to clean away all the unwanted and unnecessary photos and videos. Clean Master iPad is an ultimate utility storage slimming app that scans and deletes all the duplicate and junk files. One might have mistakenly stored the same photos or videos in the gallery. There would even be many photos shot continuously in burst mode and not all of them are needed. The Clean Master user can remove all those unwanted, similar and duplicate photos quickly. Thus, the storage cleaner app ensures its user with only one copy of the file that remains in the gallery. Make multiple selections and with a single tap, all these files will get deleted from your iPad. The Clean Master will let the user stay away from the annoying storage full notification.

Download Clean Master for iPad
Download Clean Master for iPad

Make your iPad more optimizable by moving all the photos and video files that are no more needed. With the latest version of Clean Master for iPad, the user will be able to see the battery information. The user interface of this app is all the way very simple and it has been updated in this recent version. It is never been so simple without this storage slimming app when it comes to deleting not only the duplicate files but also the similar ones. The user will get the maximum efficiency in their device once after the photos and memory get cleaned. Now the user of this Clean Master will never miss an opportunity to store their memories and entertainments without any storage issues.

Specifications of Clean Master for iPad

The key specifications for Clean Master iOS are listed below

Application Name: Clean Master
DeveloperFarhana Kabir
Version: 1.1
Categories: Utilities
Languages:  English
File size: 21.8MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Clean Master for iPad – Features:-

The salient features of Clean Master for iPad are listed below

Photo & Memory Cleaner App: Clean Master for iPad acts both as a junk photo cleaner and memory cleaner. Thus the app cleans the photos that are no longer needed and thereby keeps the device memory clean.

A Complete Gallery Scan: Clean Master for iPad scans for all the duplicate and similar photos existing in the iPad’s gallery completely.

Find Duplicate & Similar Photos: There will be photos shot in burst mode or some photos shot more than once. The Clean Master app scan iPad for not just duplicate photos but also the similar photos.

Find Useless Videos: There is an option in the storage cleaner app on which the user can easily find all the useless videos that are no more needed in a single tap.

Auto Mark: Once after all duplicates photos have been scanned, the user can have one and mark all others to delete them at once.

Ultimate Space Saver: Any iPad user will not be able to find out the duplicates unless Clean Master is installed. The app deletes all those that aren’t worth saving in the Gallery and saves space in the iPad.

Improved UI: The latest version of the Clean Master for iPad has been updated with improved user-interface and thus providing the user with ultra user-friendly experience.

Get Battery Informations: The user of this app will be able to see the battery information of the iPad with the new update.

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Download Clean Master for iPad

Clean Master iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.0 and later.

Click here toDownload Clean Master App for iPad

Clean Master for iPad – Screenshots:-

Download Clean Master for iPad
Download Clean Master for iPad
Download Clean Master for iPad
Download Clean Master for iPad

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