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Candy Crush for iPad | Candy Crush iPad is one of the best entertaining game. Candy Crush iOS is an amazing puzzle game designed with bright coloured candy that takes the starring role. Sweet Puzzle games where Tiffi and Mr Toffee need the help of you. Here the user’s task is to link a minimum of three same colour candies either vertically or horizontally once you joined it will automatically disappear from the grid. When the user was successfully doing this where you will earn some accumulate points with that, you will get access to move to the next levels. Then it is one of the well-structured games and where the difficulty level of the game has been well-calibrated so with this the user will get the right degree of a challenge. Here the user needs to note the important thing, which while playing Candy Crush Saga you should not get stressed by the time limits. In case if you are stressed you are will hit the bomb at the crucial point, and you will lose the entire game completely. If you need to complete the game just be cool and solve the puzzles before the time.

Download Candy Crush for iPad
Download Candy Crush for iPad

Candy Crush iPad app which is developed with a beautiful interface because it is bright, cute and colourful. Here in this app the player think that the graphics and the sound of the game are secondary because it is not fit for the game then the gameplay is jumpy and ragged, and these features were entirely unnecessary and it looks pity. So download Candy Crush on your iPad and experience the features.

Specifications of Candy Crush for iPad

Application Name: Candy Crush
Developer: Limited
Version: 1.113.2
Categories: Games
Languages: English, Basque, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
File size: 213 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later

Features of Candy Crush

The salient features of Candy Crush iPad are listed below

Attractive: Just start playing Candy Crush by joining with Tiffi and Mr. Toffee in their sweet adventure through the Candy Kingdom. Here the user needs to travel through the wonderland where they need to meet delicious kooky characters on each level.

Fun Level: It is an amazing and delicious puzzle adventure game designed with more than hundreds of fun levels. The sweetest game which will make the user much sweeter and interesting while you were crossing each level of this game.

Free Game: The game which is completely free to play for the users, if you need any optional power-ups in the game that may require payment. The payment of the game will do via in-app purchase, or the user can turn off the in-app purchase feature if they don’t need.

Tasty Play: If the user needs any super tasty surprises and it may progress along the Sugar Track for that you need to collect sugar drops. The game which has some Targeted Score, Timed Levels, Order Mode, Drop Down Mode, and more makes the game enthusiastic.

Booster Wheel: In Candy Crush for iPad, the user needs to win any delicious prize every day in this game, for that just spin the Daily Booster Wheel. Then with that, you will meet the sweetest characters in the game just by Unwrapping delicious environments.

Power-Ups: The game designed with some  Power-ups such as wrapped and striped Special Candies Colour Bombs and much more with that it will insert some boosters to complete the level.

Synchronizing: Here the user can easily synchronize the game between various devices, with that you can also unlock all the game features once you connect to the internet.

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Download Candy Crush for iPad

Candy Crush iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 5.1.1 and later.

Click the link below to Download Candy Crush for iPad

What’s New in Candy Crush for iPad Version 1.113.2

  • It is one of the special updates of CANDY CRUSH SAGA and it is proud to be an App Partner
  • Here you have an extra special update because of your action matter here. then you have 100% of proceeds of your Red purchase will go to Global Fund for supporting AIDS/HIV prevention, counselling, treatment, testing and more in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The RED feature is available from December 1 through December 8, 2017.
  • You don’t forget to update the latest version of the game, where you will get access to all Sweet content.

Screenshots of Candy Crush

Download Candy Crush for iPad
Download Candy Crush for iPad
Download Candy Crush for iPad
Download Candy Crush for iPad
Download Candy Crush for iPad
Download Candy Crush for iPad
Download Candy Crush for iPad
Download Candy Crush for iPad
Download Candy Crush for iPad
Download Candy Crush for iPad

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