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Pecs App for iPad is an Excellent transition app. Download Pecs App for iPad Free. The Pecs App iPad allows you to transition from PECS to high tech AAC. The learners who have mastered phases one through four of the Picture Exchange Communication System can use the pecs as a next step. The Pecs App iOS allows you to construct a multipicture sentence strip through an intelligent sentence starter page. The format of the book looks like the traditional PECS book with tabbed and coloured pages with a Sentence Strip VELCRO strips, So you can create a PECS IV+ book that looks similar to your PECS book. You can also drag and drop images from the tabbed pages to the Sentence Strip just like with the traditional PECS book. The smart interface allows the user to switch between pages by scrolling or tapping on the other tabs. You can also rearrange images on the Sentence Strip, so you don’t have to delete the existing images. This app allows you to choose any of your included images for PECS images or add images from the web or you can choose pictures from your photo library too!

Download Pecs App for iPad
Download Pecs App for iPad

The Pecs App for iOS allows you to track the daily list of Sentence Strips constructed by you. You can also access the weekly and monthly analysis of the most frequently used images. You can also clear Sentence Strips with a single button push or clear individual images by swiping them back to the book. With a dedicated interface, you can open or close the sentence started with a single touch.

Specifications for Pecs App for iPad

Application Name: Pecs App
DeveloperPyramid Group Management
Version: 1.0.11
Categories: Education
Languages:  English, Japanese
File size: 248 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 and later.

Features of Pecs App

The salient features of Pecs App iPad are listed below

Customisable Pages: The Pecs App for iPad allows you to customise the pages easily by creating 1-20 tabbed pages. You can also include up to 24 images per page. You can customise each page by some Category icon, VELCRO Strips, colour, and also a number the images on each page.

Ease of Use: The user interface of pecs app allows the user to access pages easily. The user can scroll through pages by easy swiping option. You can also access the pages randomly by clicking the customised tab. So you can access the pages wherever you want.

Speech: The updated interface has customised speech in which you can record your speech easily.

Picture Customization: You can also customise your pictures and put the text on the bottom or top of your pictures, or you can even remove text from the pictures. This app allows you to change the size of the picture as you wish.

Search: The search option for the pictures for PECS library is also included in this application.

Profile: This app enables you to select existing profiles, or you can create a new profile for the easy customisation.

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Download Pecs App for iPad

Pecs App for iPad is compatible with the iOS versions of 7.0 and later.

Click here to Download Pecs for iPad

Screenshots of Pecs App for iPad

Download Pecs App for iPad
Download Pecs App for iPad
Download Pecs App for iPad
Download Pecs App for iPad
Download Pecs App for iPad
Download Pecs App for iPad
Download Pecs App for iPad
Download Pecs App for iPad
Download Pecs App for iPad
Download Pecs App for iPad

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