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PdaNet for iPad | PdaNet iPad App is one of the best tethering applications for iPad. Turn your iPad into a wifi hotspot or USB cable with the PdaNet for iOS. PdaNet app is the best way to share your iPad’s Internet connection with your computers, USB, Bluetooth or even WiFi Hotspot. It is easy to set up and tether your computer to your iPad’s Internet connection using your USB cable. Unlike other tethering apps, PdaNet doesn’t rely on the built-in tether features. Instead, it makes use of the unique plan while tethering. PdaNet uses a service app on your iPad and a receiver application on your computer to establish the connection. The developer of the PdaNet iPad App has designed to make it function in a way that hides the computer usage from the carrier network. Make your laptop to go online wirelessly through the 2G, 3G, or 4G network right on the iPad.

Download PdaNet for iPad
Download PdaNet for iPad

Finding a WiFi hotspot to connect your laptop or netbook is made simple with this tethering app. PdaNet iPad App ensures that you can always get your computer connected to your iPad. PDANet App is very simple and easy to use the utility app on your iPad. Turn on the type of tethering you need to connect to your computer. You could add some security like WEP encryption to your Wi-Fi connection if you want. Unlike other iOS tethering apps, PdaNet is considered to be one of the most popular and oldest tethering apps. Working on the app is pretty easy, and it functions fastest.

Specifications of PdaNet for iPad

The key specifications for PdaNet iOS are listed below

Application Name: PdaNet
Developer: June Fabrics Tech
Version: 8.04
Categories: Utilities
Languages:  English
File size: 1.2 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Features of PdaNet

The salient features of PdaNet iPad are listed below

  • Get connected to the internet from your iPad with your computer by turning your iPad into a Wi-fi hotspot or USB modem.
  • One could tether over Wi-Fi using two different methods like turning your iPad into a Wi-Fi hotspot and tether over USB.
  • Establish a secured connection by hiding your tethering from your carrier, so you don’t get into trouble without needing to extra money.
  • You can add a WEP encryption to your Wi-Fi connection to establish a connection. It is very much useful to the users who wanted to make your connection safer and encrypted with some added security.
  • PdaNet for iPad is easy to set up, and you will be getting the full Internet access on your laptop at the same speed that you have on your iPad.
  • PdaNet iPad app will allow you to establish the secured WiFi connection to be made directly from the PdaNet software too.
  • The latest version of the PdaNet app has come up with lots of improvements made in their performance and fixes multiple connection issues.

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PdaNet for iPad

Currently, PdaNet is not available for iOS devices. We will update the article once it was officially released for iPad.

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