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Mathletics for iPad | Mathletics iPad App is an excellent maths learning iPad app. Learning maths is neither tough nor complex with the Mathletics app on iPad. The app works best for the mobile-enabled classroom and also to the students using their iPad at home. Mathletics is considered to be the world’s leading educational resource for mathematics. You can just log into the Mathletics app on your iPad and get connected with your academics from anywhere. All your account settings will travel with you as you can even access your contents by logging into the Matheletics website from your browser. Just with the simple gestures like touch, tap, a swipe will enable you to learn your maths subject on the Mathletics for iPad. The mobile-friendly interface of the Mathletics app is useful for both the students and teachers. You can easily download the Mathletics curriculum content right to your iPad device. With the multiple account support, you can even share your devices in your classroom, and each student could sign in to access their own content at any time.

Download Mathletics for iPad
Download Mathletics for iPad

The Mathletics app has been designed with a great offline mode, and it works even without the internet. With the custom-designed student interface, you can explore the Mathletics Student App with online and offline capabilities. The only thing required is you must have logged in online at least for once, and then you could use the Mathletics App offline on your iPad. All your results and data will get automatically sync to your Matheletics account when the internet is next available. Thus, there is no limit to where you could take your Mathletics and your learnings. You can go beyond your curriculum as a way to explore other great areas of the program and improve your lea.

Specifications of Mathletics for iPad

The key specifications for Mathletics iOS are listed below

Application Name: Mathletics
Developer: 3P Learning
Version: 5.6.1
Categories: Education
Languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
File size: 61.4 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Features of Mathletics

The salient features of Mathletics iPad are listed below

  • Mathletics iPad app is available as a free download, and it only requires your login credentials to access the Mathletics app or Mathletics online.
  • You can quickly and easily learn your maths subject by simple touch, tap, and swipe gestures to navigate with the Mathletics for iPad app.
  • Download the Mathletics curriculum content right to your iPad device. Get notified with the pop-up alerts for the assigned tasks and homework right on the iPad.
  • The Mathletics app has a great offline mode feature which works without the internet required. Results and the data will sync in real-time and is made available to teachers and parents immediately.
  • Mathletics for iPad will let you access the Mathletics custom courses and also the curriculum-aligned activities with ease on the go.
  • Live Mathletics features comprise ten levels that let you challenge with the computer, school and other students from around the world.
  • Explore the interactive glossary of mathematical terms with the Mathletics Dictionary and Concept Search feature of the Mathletics app.
  • Get the support of immediate feedback and reporting in real-time. The students, teachers, and parents can keep track of all their progress.

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Download Mathletics for iPad

Mathletics iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 7.0 and later.

Click here to Download Mathletics App for iPad

Screenshots of Mathletics for iPad

Download Mathletics for iPad
Download Mathletics for iPad
Download Mathletics for iPad
Download Mathletics for iPad
Download Mathletics for iPad
Download Mathletics for iPad
Download Mathletics for iPad
Download Mathletics for iPad
Download Mathletics for iPad
Download Mathletics for iPad

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