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KineMaster for iPad is video editing application developed for the professionals. Download KineMaster for iPad Free. KineMaster iOS is an advanced video editor for iPad which has the features to support multiple layers of video and multi-track audio. It has the advanced features like precision cutting and trimming, chroma key, 3D transitions, precise volume envelope control, unlimited text and image layers and much more. For professionals and amateurs, KineMaster iPad offers the features like the unprecedented level of control over the free editing process, and for artists and educators, the handwriting layers of KineMaster allows them to draw directly on the video. With KineMaster iPad, video clips and layers can be trimmed accurately at frame-by-frame granularity, and the audio clip timing can be adjusted with the sub-frame accuracy. With Kinemaster for iOS, you can instantly preview your edits or pre-render the videos instantly while editing. KineMaster supports nearly four additional tracks and the unlimited number of tracks can be added per track. It supports unlimited text, images, handwriting and sticker layers and layer position can be controlled precisely. With preset animation effects or keyframe animation, you can animate the layers.

Download KineMaster for iPad
Download KineMaster for iPad

While editing the video, you can add colour filters, and you can adjust video brightness, contrast and saturation to achieve the look that you want precisely. The feature to support the full color-LUT will be added soon. In addition to these features, you can get the slow and fast motion effects by adjusting the rate of your video from 0.25x to 1.5x without distorting the audio pitch. You can fine-tune the sound settings by adjusting the volume envelope on over time to adjust the precise effect that you want. It also supports chroma key composting allowing the full green screen support with the preview of the alpha mask and accurate adjustment of the curve that is used to blend the chroma key edges.

Specifications of KineMaster for iPad

The key specifications for KineMaster iOS are listed below

Application Name: KineMaster
Developer: NexStreaming USA, Inc.
Version: 4.2.7
Categories: Photography
Languages: English, Bengali, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Filipino, French, Greek, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Kannada, Latvian, Korean, Lingala, Malay, Lithuanian, Marathi, Norwegian Nynorsk, Norwegian BokmÃ¥l, Persian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Swiss German, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese
File size: 93.6 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later

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Download KineMaster for iPad

KineMaster iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.3 and later.

Click here toDownload KineMaster App for iPad

What’s New in KineMaster for iPad Version 4.2.7

  • Fixed all bugs and improved performance.

KineMaster for iPad – Screenshots:-

Download KineMaster for iPad
Download KineMaster for iPad

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