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FTP for Mac Free Download: FTP for Mac | FTP Mac is an award-winning FTP client application that lets you transfer files reliably. Download FTP for Mac Free. With the FTP Mac app, you can transfer the files between the computers and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers. It is a simple, powerful, secure file transfers protocol that suits both home and professional use. FTP Mac app is an advanced FTP client developed for the Mac OS X platform which is an easiest and secure way of file transferring. It can be used in transferring the files between the FTP servers and desktop PC when it comes to publishing web pages, downloading images, music, multi-media files, software and more. You can easily create and schedule labour and time-saving script transfers with minimal overhead using the Transfer Engine of this FTP app. FTP Mac PC app has come with a multi-threaded thin Metal or Cocoa interface that is integrated with automation features. It includes strong security that will protect all of your FTP sessions without any complications. The application has a multi-threaded thin ‘Metal’ (Cocoa) interface, coupled with powerful automation features. FTP Mac also has strong security that will effectively protect all of your FTP sessions.

Download FTP for Mac
Download FTP for Mac

With FTP Mac download, you can securely backup your desktop PC to a remote server for an added data security as with the local backup option. With the advanced search, you will be able to find any files and folders easily via name, size or creation or modification date. There is no issue whether the files and folders are on your local computer or on the remote server. You can sync by updating the remote folders as with the local folder’s contents or vice versa. With the FTP download Mac, you get a wide range of protocol support including FTP, FTPS (SSL), HTTP, HTTPS (SSL), SFTP (SSH2), One Time Password authentication protocol, OpenPGP encryption, and a password manager. The wide range of protocol support of FTP Mac app will help you work securely with multiple remote sites all at once. Get file transfers faster than ever, without any additional configuration as the Turbo Transfer feature of the FTP app will automatically optimize the settings for the best performance. With a connection wizard and schedule wizard,  configuring a new connection and scheduling one-time or recurring transfers are made simple. With the latest version of FTP File Transfer app, you get improved bookmarks, log files, macros, and quick connect options for file transferring.

Specifications of FTP for Mac

Application Name: FTP
Version: 3.1.2
Categories: Productivity
File size:  1.9 MB
Compatibility: Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 and Later

Features of FTP for Mac

The salient features of FTP Mac are listed below

Award-Winning FTP Client: FTP Mac app is an award-winning ftp client that lets you transfer files securely and reliably from your desktop to FTP server and vice versa.

Protocols Supported: Get the support of protocols like FTP Mac PC app including the FTP, HTTP, FTPS (SSL), HTTPS (SSL), SFTP (SSH2), OpenPGP encryption, UTF-8 character set, OTP authentication protocol, and a password manager.

Transfer Files with Ease: You can create scripts to regularly backup or synchronize the sites, monitor local folders for changes, just drag and drop files for quick and easy transfer up to 100 concurrent transfers.

User-Friendly Interface: With the step-by-step wizard, you can get connected to new FTP sites easily. Easily update and maintain sophisticated websites with the user-friendly interface of FTP Mac app.

HTML Editor: FTP app has integrated with colour-coded HTML editor with which you can create, open, and edit any of your HTML documents on your Mac computer or a remote server with ease.

Advanced Search: You can find the files and folders either by name, size or creation or modification date irrespective of the files on your local computer or a remote server.

Turbo Transfer: FTP Mac will transfer files faster than ever with no additional configuration. Turbo Transfer mode of the ftp client will automatically optimize the settings for the best performance.

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Download FTP for Mac

FTP for Mac is compatible with the Mac versions of Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later.

Click here to Download FTP App for Mac

Techniques to Download FTP on Mac

First Technique: It is the first and best method to download the FTP for Mac. You can get the app by just clicking on the above given “Download Link”. In this way, you can easily download FTP on Mac. With FTP Mac client app, file transfer between the desktop and FTP servers is made easy and simple. It supports a wide range of file transferring protocols and has been the reason for its popularity. It lets the user to an create, open, and edit the HTML documents on your Mac desktop computer or a remote server. Transferring files to and from an FTP server is made easy and simple with the FTP Mac app. It is a series of file transfer protocol client that can be used for both home and professional use.

Download FTP for Mac
Download FTP for Mac

Second Technique: In this method, you will be getting the FTP for Mac OS on your MacBook. To download the app, you need to open the MacBook App Store. Now you can go to the search bar and type in as FTP and click to search for the app. You will be able to see the search results showing FTP and its related applications. Click on the Download button. The FTP will be downloaded, and You can install it on your MacBook.

Third Technique: In this method, you will get FTP for Mac OS with ease. Just visit the official website of FTP PC. There you will have an option to download FTP for Mac. Click the download button and download FTP on your Mac. Just download the FTP app and enjoy using it on your Mac. Download FTP Mac app to securely transfer files between PC and FTP server. You can transfer larger file size including digital images, music, multi-media files, software, and more between your devices at any time with ease. It is a simple yet powerful and secure file transfer that suits the best for all type of users.

Download FTP for Mac
Download FTP for Mac

Screenshots of FTP for Mac

Download FTP for Mac
Download FTP for Mac
Download FTP for Mac
Download FTP for Mac
Download FTP for Mac
Download FTP for Mac
Download FTP for Mac
Download FTP for Mac

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