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djay 2 for iPad | djay 2 iPad is a fantastic audio editor for your iPad. Download djay 2 for iPad Free. With djay 2 for iOS, you can transform your iPad into a full-featured DJ system. It gives you direct access to all your favourite songs and playlists as it is integrated with iTunes Music library and Spotify. With djay 2 iOS, you can perform live, record audios on–the–go, or create a seamless mix for automatically by enabling the Automix Mode. Whether you are a professional DJ or a beginner, djay 2 offers you the most intuitive powerful DJ experience on the iPad. When the song is loaded into a deck, it will provide you coloured overall waveform at the top of the screen to easily identify verses, choruses and breakdowns. Loading the particular track in djay 2 iPad is a smoother process, as the library screen can be expanded in situ instead of diving back into the settings page. With the Queue page in the later version of djay 2 iOS, you can start to search through the library during the gig and dig out tracks (add them to the queue) which you might consider playing later on. You can add tracks to the queue with ease by swiping along the track to the right side. It will act as a temporary playlist and once you exit the app completely the queue will be cleared out.

Download djay 2 for iPad
Download djay 2 for iPad

On djay 2 for iOS, you can quickly switch between day/night view in the library screen, so it will be easier to read in dark conditions. Once you load the track into the decks, their information will get stored in the history tab for the particular session. You can rename those sessions and delete the unwanted sessions. You can also load songs directly from the history tab. It will be handy when you are practising at home before the party. It is also very useful when comes to uploading your mixes to somewhere like Mixcloud when you want to enter the tracklisting. The library page feature in djay 2 can perform batch analysis on your track library. It will go through each track calculating the BPM, beat grid, auto gain and waveform hence when you come to play your songs they load almost instantly.

Specifications of djay 2 for iPad

The key specifications for djay 2 iOS are listed below

Application Name: djay 2
Developer: Algoriddim GmbH
Version: 2.8.8
Categories: MultiMedia
Languages: English, German, French, Italian,  Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish
File size: 122 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

djay 2 for iPad – Features:-

The top features of djay 2 iPad are listed below

Integration with Spotify and iTunes: djay 2 has an integration with iTunes Music Library and Spotify (requires Spotify Premium and active internet connection). So you can directly access your favourites playlists and songs with ease.

DJ MIDI Controllers: djay 2 has the features to DJ MIDI controllers like Pioneer DDJ-WeGO, DDJ-WeGO3, DDJ-WeGO2, DDJ-ERGO, Numark iDJ Pro, Vestax Spin 2, Mixdeck Quad, iDJ Live II, iDJ Live, ION iDJ 2 Go, Casio XW-J1, Reloop Beatpad, Philips M1X-DJ

Audio formats: djay 2 supports all major audio formats and it supports Airplay and Bluetooth devices. In addition to that, it also supports Inter-App audio and Audiobus features.

Sampler: djay 2 has an inbuilt sampler with various sound packs by Snoop Dogg, DJ QBert, Milk & Sugar, and much more.

iCloud Integration: djay 2 has an integration with iCloud to sync metadata. So you can access your favourite tracks with ease on everywhere.

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Download djay 2 for iPad

djay 2 iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here toDownload djay 2 App for iPad

Djay 2 for iPad – Screenshots:-

Download djay 2 for iPad
Download djay 2 for iPad
Download djay 2 for iPad
Download djay 2 for iPad
Download djay 2 for iPad
Download djay 2 for iPad
Download djay 2 for iPad
Download djay 2 for iPad
Download djay 2 for iPad
Download djay 2 for iPad

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