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Scrabble for iPad is an excellent word game app. Scrabble iPad is the best scrabble ever, made just for iPad. Enjoy the super fun game that you know and love. Scrabble iOS is designed with new stunning HD graphics, which allows you to play easily and it has plenty of features. The scrabble is considered as America’s favourite word game. The store and customisation will enable you to choose between modern or classic tiles. You can select the tile design of your wish. The app is designed for the easy personalisation of the play screen. The app frequently gives the information on your wins, losses and draws. Your highest game score for local and online is displayed automatically. The exclusive teacher feature allows you to see what is your best word after every fun, The new Speed Play mode is specially designed for speedy players, In that, the players should agree to finish their turns within 2 or 5 minutes. If you couldn’t play the words in time, some of the options may be unlocked, which includes forfeit and nudge.

Download Scrabble for iPad
Download Scrabble for iPad

Scrabble for iOS allows you to share your scores on Facebook, For this, you have to connect to facebook. You can also talk a good game with enhanced chat and notification features. Details better than ever, you can view every detail on the play screen with HD graphics, which makes a pleasing appearance to play in your retina display of your iPad. The teacher feature allows you to know what is your best word choice in your previous turn in a single tap.

Specifications of Scrabble for iPad

Application Name: Scrabble
DeveloperElectronic Arts Inc.
Version: 5.23.0
Categories: Games
Languages English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
File size: 177 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 and later.

Features of Scrabble

The salient features of Scrabble iPad are listed below

More Play Options: Scrabble for iPad allows you to decide with whom you can play. You can challenge your friends via Facebook and other online sources; You can also find an opponent instantly in a single touch. You can even play solo against your iPad, which increases your skills, even more, You can also access numerous games on the App store and play.

Share: You can also share your score with your friends on Facebook, You can even chat with them in the dedicated chat interface and receive notifications accordingly, and This may give you even more fun.

Fast Play: You can also set time for your turn and speedily play the game. The time may be configured as 2 or 5 minutes by you and your opponent. That will make your game even more interesting.

Word List: The interface of the game allows you to use the word list inside the game, The word list is available in the official Scrabble dictionary.

Teacher: The exclusive teacher feature allows you to see what is your best word after every fun, To know this you have to do a single tap on the teacher that’s it.

Multiple Games: The latest game interface allows you to play more than one game at a time. You can even create your game against an online opponent. The opponent can be picked randomly. You can play games in two modes that are single-player and multiplayer. In single-player, you can play against the iPad. In Pass and Play you can physically pass your device between your friends or family members or even social-gaming over Origin or Facebook.

Customisation: You can also customise your play screen by choosing the tile options. You can choose from classic board look to more modern tile look, which makes the game more interesting to play.

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Download Scrabble for iPad

Scrabble for iPad is compatible with the iOS versions of 8.0 and later.

Click here to Download Scrabble App for iPad

Screenshots of Scrabble

Download Scrabble for iPad
Download Scrabble for iPad
Download Scrabble for iPad
Download Scrabble for iPad
Download Scrabble for iPad
Download Scrabble for iPad
Download Scrabble for iPad
Download Scrabble for iPad
Download Scrabble for iPad
Download Scrabble for iPad

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