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Red Alert for iPad | Red Alert iPad is a real-time strategy game for iPad. With Red Alert iOS, you can go to war on right from your iPad. Play the classic military real-time strategy game called the Red Alert, and you can become legendary in the worldwide strategy. You can build, expand, lead a massive army into epic battles against the players from all around the globe. Boost your chances of winning by using creative strategies. You can build an empire and become King to conquer the whole world. With the 12 combat levels in the skirmish mode or on the two battle maps, you can fight as the Allies or Soviets. Tests your ability to conduct a tactical and intelligent strategy war in the gameplay and get entertained. With the Red Alert gaming app, you can fight for crucial resources and total domination. The world war is reborn, and so you can start invading cities, and you can name it. You can train your army instantly and finish battle within seconds.

Download Red Alert for iPad
Download Red Alert for iPad

Form powerful military alliances with elite players and conquer enemies to become the most powerful Alliance in the Kingdom. You can train, level up and command with the superior firepower to become powerful. Deploy your classic units or start with the new units from the Empire in the Red Alert iPad app. You can go on head-to-head battles in the multiplayer mode through the Bluetooth or local WiFi. Use the legendary craft weapons and the types of equipment to rise above the competition. Forge with a powerful military alliance to help each other build and expand your kingdoms faster. You can rally together to take down the enemies you could never face alone.

Specifications of Red Alert for iPad

The key specifications for Red Alert iOS are listed below

Application Name: Red Alert
Developer: King’s Empire Strategy War Games
Version: 9.0.18
Categories: Games
Languages:  English
File size: 186 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Features of Red Alert Games

The salient features of the Red Alert iPad are listed below

  • You can build and customize your very own Empire and put your powerful empire army and military to the ultimate war. Fight for the crucial resources and total domination by battle with the players from around the world.
  • Team up with other skilled Kings in Red Alert game and forge an unstoppable Alliance. Invade cities, crush enemy nations.
  • Lead your loyal elite Army by collecting 300+ scrolls and items from the archer, swordsman to fighter, aircraft carrier and other special forces.
  • Research new technologies and strategies and tests your ability to pursue a tactical and intelligent strategy war on your iPad with the Red Alert iPad game.
  • Build your base and customize your kingdoms and foundations of an Empire to make it strong enough to survive in a fierce war.
  • Battle with 100+ historical campaigns to strengthen your Kingdoms and you can recruit, train and command different military types consisting of 20+ troop types.
  • You can play and chat with millions of online players worldwide in real-time. With the easy translation feature, thousands of players in real-time are connected.
  • Red Alert games will let you construct and upgrade tons of buildings for the new soldiers, buffs, and resources.
  • You can battle to become the most powerful than any other king in history. You can also conquer the world to become the almighty Emperor.

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Download Red Alert for iPad

Red Alert iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 7.0 and later.

Click here to Download Red Alert App for iPad

Screenshots of Red Alert for iPad

Download Red Alert for iPad
Download Red Alert for iPad
Download Red Alert for iPad
Download Red Alert for iPad
Download Red Alert for iPad
Download Red Alert for iPad
Download Red Alert for iPad
Download Red Alert for iPad

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