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Phone App for iPad | Phone App iPad is the best Mobile Office app for communication. With the Phone app iOS, you can turn your iPad into a powerful work extension quickly in no time. It is easy to manage all your personal as well as your business communications all in on one phone. Forget your desk phones as you can assign separate phone numbers for any purpose like the business, project, personal, and more. Set custom caller-ID numbers and keep your mobile number private when making business-related. So it is very much simple to customize and simplify your personal and business communications separately with this Phone App iPad. Get all your cloud communication features along with the additional benefit of being able to make calls over your carrier network or VoIP call with data or WiFi connection and all in one app. Send and receive visual voicemail conveniently instead of listening to others. You are not going to miss any important phone calls just because you are away from your desk. Rather take a handy phone system app that goes wherever you go called Phone App. You can send and receive SMS text messages from Phone App using your office number or any other number without needing to share your private numbers.

Download Phone App for iPad
Download Phone App for iPad

Send and receive fax messages with documents, PDFs and more directly from your iPad to others. It is easy to start or join a conference call with one single click. You can invite conference callers by sending SMS, and now you can call your own conference bridge. Call Blocking feature of this app lets you stay away from telemarketing, unfriendlies or other nuisance calls as you can simply block those ids. Get the incoming calls even if your app is not active and stay in touch with the push-notification. Easily organize all your contacts in a comprehensive address book that shows both your phone contacts as well as business-related contacts you entered on the Phone app. With the best of all phone app features, Phone App for iPad will customize and simplify all your communications in such a way you can take care of your business from anywhere.

Specifications of Phone App for iPad

The key specifications for Phone App iOS are listed below

Application Name: Phone App
Developer: Inc
Version 4.0
Categories: Business
Languages:  English
File size: 54.2 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

Features of Phone App

The salient features of the Phone App iPad are listed below

Handy Phone System: Turn your iPad into a work extension with the download of Phone App iPad. You are never going to miss any important phone calls just because you are on the desk. Rather customize your communications and take care of your business from anywhere.

Multiple Numbers in One Device: It is easy to manage multiple businesses or projects without needing to use a second business phone. With the Phone app, you can have assign separate phone numbers for each role or project.  Then pick unique caller IDs for the outbound calls and keep your personal number private.

Convenient Calling: You can easily make calls to any people from anywhere in the world. Make use of your 3G or 4G data or your wi-fi connection to make convenient calls. Just turn your iPad into a powerful desk phone by connecting it to your office wi-fi. Need not worry about minutes or cell coverage again.

Better Visual Voicemail: Read voicemail messages instead of listening to the callers with this Phone App. Keep all your business voicemail and listen to your work voice messages all in one place. You can read each voicemail from within Phone App iPad or in your email by enabling the transcription service.

Make Conference Calling: Phone App iOS has come up with its very own HD conference bridge that makes connecting between the employees or clients easily wherever they work. You can invite conference callers even for the whole office through the SMS and call into your own conference bridge.

SMS: You can send and receive SMS messages to your business phone numbers or any other number. It is simple to maintain your own work inbox by separating it from your personal messages with the Phone App. Also, you can collaborate with colleagues by making use of the use group messaging option to get connected just about anything.

Fax: At times you need to use old technologies like faxing. Phone App iPad lets you send, receive and manage faxes directly from your iPad device. You can scan and attach any documents by scanning it using your iPad’s camera without needing to touch a fax machine again.

Contacts: Phone App iPad lets you organize contacts in a combined address book format by showing your personal device contacts and the business contacts which you have synced with your address book of Phone App.

Pick Your Number: You are privileged to get a brand new virtual number or the toll-free phone number with the Phone app which works in seconds. It is also easy to transfer your existing one with a number.

HD Voice Calls: Phone App for iPad ensures you that you will be enjoying the crystal-clear conversations while on the call. Make local, long-distance or international calls to connect with all your customers, colleagues family and friends.

Related Applications of Phone App for iPad

This Post is about Phone App for iOS Download, the related applications of Phone App iPad are listed below

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Snapchat for iPad is an image-based instant messenger and multimedia mobile app in which the images were explicitly short-lived and gets self-deleted.

The line for iPad lets the users exchange text messages, video, audio, free VoIP conversations and video conferences and more.

Download Phone App for iPad

Phone App iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 9.0 and later.

Click here to Download Phone for iPad

Screenshots of Phone App for iPad

Download Phone App for iPad
Download Phone App for iPad
Download Phone App for iPad
Download Phone App for iPad
Download Phone App for iPad
Download Phone App for iPad
Download Phone App for iPad
Download Phone App for iPad
Download Phone App for iPad
Download Phone App for iPad

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